President’s Page

President’s Page

Jan 23, 2018

by Rev. David Stall, Conference President




A Visit to Boulder, Colorado

Jennifer and I always enjoy a chance to visit the SDB Church where we were married in May of 2000. Hard to believe it was so long ago! We were warmly welcomed by a small gathering of committed Christians there on the Sabbath just before Christmas. I was excited to hear their discussions about how to be an effective church, and whether that means relocating to a nearby community. In their church history, we see how that church has adapted and moved in the past to stay in step with God. Let’s all pray for them as they consider the next steps and take action!

—Pastor David Stall

When 2018 Conference President David Stall presented his conference session theme, “Less Talk, More Action” to the North Loup, NE, SDB congregation, he may not have expected their immediate response. On the evening after the Sabbath, December 30, 2017, the congregation moved from their church pews, put on roller skates and threw a pizza and skating party. With the community Lion’s Club providing the skates, kids, grandkids, even grandparents (note Phil Van Horn in the photograph) took to the community center’s wide floor for hours of “more action.”

—D. Scott Smith

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