Magi Mystify!

Magi Mystify!

Nov 22, 2017

by Julia Coleman

“And I will put enmity between you [Satan] and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; He [her offspring] will crush your head, and you will strike [bruise] His heel.”

—Genesis 1:15

“But when the time had fully come, GOD sent His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive the full rights of sons.”

—Galatians 4:4

“After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, ‘Where is the One who has been born King of the Jews? We saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.’”

—Matthew 2:1-2

There was no grand public announcement of His birth: no newspaper headlines, no scandalous tabloid, no internet, no worldwide web, no text messaging, no social media, no TV, nor any present-day mode of communication. There was One Speaker, One Voice, One Message that was transmitting on a frequency higher than earth could pick up far above the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem life — a star-beacon unassumingly shining on the place where the King of the Jews was born. This was no ordinary account. Nothing should, would, or could stop the coming of the Initiated WORD sent by and from the Father. What was spoken by His Prophet as far back as creation was in rapid activation, succession, and revelation. It was time for action! The Father knew it. All of Heaven understood it. The Holy Anointed One humbled Himself to be conceived in a confined space among the vastness of His created universe.

Magis were non-Jews and had been part of Biblical history for centuries: wise men who held high respect and demand. Their role in society was to be translators of omens, interpreters of mysteries, astrologers, influencers of government, businessmen, and prominent men in the courts of kings. They came bearing gifts to kings. In the time of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar gathered men vanquished from wars who would be the wisest, learned, and knowledgeable in the things of the kingdom, times or seasons. Daniel was, of sorts, a “magi” of his time when he was given the meaning of the king’s dream. Joseph, with Pharaoh, was another time in Bible history we see this occurring. In Solomon’s time, the Queen of Sheba came bearing gifts galore. She was astounded at the wisdom of Solomon, declaring, “Praise be to the LORD your GOD, who has delighted in you and heard your wisdom!” The common thread in these accounts was these “Hebrew magi” spoke on behalf of the LORD in the midst of idol worshippers. It was the classic battle of “if GOD is GOD, then worship Him.”

The LORD prophesied years before Jesus’ coming that the wealth (gold, spices, cedars, incense oils, ornaments) of the temple would be captured and taken by a foreign king. King Nebuchadnezzar did this, decimating and desecrating the tabernacle. Isaiah 60, a Messianic prophecy, states the LORD speaking of Sheba (representing all nations other than Israel) coming, bearing gold and incense, and proclaiming the praise of the LORD. Additionally, foreign kings would rebuild the walls of the city (Isaiah 60:10) and their kings would serve the city. The tables have turned, the cries of the people of “how long” was about to end. We know the sceptre of David would be restored to the Righteous King and the city of David rebuilt through the Messiah.

The Magi in Matthew 2 rightly sought the presence of King Herod as this was their custom. Their question gave Herod and all of Jerusalem indigestion instantly and ruined their appetites. These wise men initially sought an earthly king of the Jews evidenced in their approach to King Herod. Herod deceptively requests the Magi bring back word where the King of the Jews lay so he could come and worship Him. They return to following the star which had led them there in the first place. Lesson here: keep your focus on what started the search. They locate the King, the Child with his mother Mary as the star rests above where He lay. As the Magi from the east bring gifts to the King, the fulfillment of GOD’s prophecy unfolds before our eyes. Jesus Christ, Y’Shua Ha’Mashiach, greater than Solomon, Daniel, Joseph, Abraham AND the Magi from the east have come! Upon seeing Jesus Christ, they bow down to worship Him. Seeing Jesus, they forsook their earthy pursuit. Something happened to them. Something changed their lives! The LORD used their mission to direct the flow of His Purpose.

“Less Talk” demands full recognition of the LORDship, the Greatness of the Messiah, and the Full Restoration of the Kingdom of GOD through His Death, Burial, and Resurrection! “Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is LORD.” Philippians 2:11. Body of Christ, get excited! Our LORD is greater, our LORD is superior, and all things must submit to Him. Therefore, “More Action!” The Father knows His Son is greater. At the mount of transfiguration, James, Peter, and John accompany Jesus to pray. They experience a vision of Moses and Elijah with Jesus. This was the time of Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles for the Jews. Peter excitedly suggests making three tabernacles but GOD the Father would not have it. He immediately intervenes stating, “This is my Beloved Son. Hear Him!” Peter brought Jesus down to the level of Moses and Elijah, stating we should hear them as well. The Father says to hear Jesus, His Son, and Him ONLY! Let all the others speaking be drowned in the background by the immense Vastness of Our Great GOD and KING Christ Jesus! Let the speaking be Him Only and we will engage in MORE ACTION! Be Blessed!

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