Less Talk. More Action.

Less Talk. More Action.

Oct 26, 2017

Less Talk. More Action.

Rev. David Stall, Conference President

After entering the beautifully renovated interior of the Toronto church, I found Omari Rhoden teaching a Sabbath School class on the Transformational Church. There were several “extra” friends in Toronto since it was the Allegheny Association weekend.

Pastor Owen Lynch was asking the right questions about how a commuter church can become a community church. He wants to see a church (or multiple churches) in Toronto reaching into the community around them. Let’s pray that God continues to give direction and the church can make bold moves!

I was happy to visit my “home church” where I started my walk with Jesus. Pastor Matt and Ellen Olson and member Chantel Bink shared about a new youth group outreach in nearby Bennington, VT. Chantel teaches there and saw a need. The Olsons and some other church members jumped on board and the new ministry is growing fast!

One church member followed up a couple days after the service there with an artistic and carefully thought-out outline from my sermon. She made concise plans and goals for applying the words in her own life with REAL actions! Praise God!

I was welcomed in Verona by Pastor Steve James, to some wonderful and worshipful music. There were extra friends there too, for the Central NY Association meeting. Verona church has recently taken action to stream the worship service into their fellowship hall to accommodate overflow. That’s a great problem to have. A church member, Paula, has been moved by the Conference theme heard via Livestream from Conference and reinforced in Verona. She is taking action with a commitment to finish writing a book that God started her on several years ago!

In the excitement of our first round of church tours, my family also took in some great scenery and tourist attractions. We are thankful for the hospitality of the Sinclairs in Toronto, and the Noels and Stalls in NY.

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