Fall into Podcasts

Fall into Podcasts

Oct 26, 2017


by Michaella Osborn

SDB Church, Boulder, CO

I listen to A LOT of podcasts. They are a great way to fill your commute to and from school or work. Podcasts can also be a creative way to add some Jesus time to your hectic day. Here are my top 5 spiritual podcasts to listen to this fall.

The Relevant podcast.

Join this goofy ensemble cast (including Propaganda and IJMs Eddie Kaufholz) as they discuss, dissect and occasionally poke fun at culture and entertainment through a Christ-follower lens. This podcast is dear to my heart because it was one of the very first that

I listened to. I love their mixture of shenanigans and interviews with cutting edge culture makers, both Christian and secular. The show has introduced me to some of my favorite writers and musicians.

Red Rocks Young Adults

The portable straight-to-your-phone version of a large-scale young adult service, Red Rocks is a Church here in Colorado and I like to binge sermon series from their back catalogue. Their rotating cast of speakers, clear audio for a live recording, and the fact that they are the only young adult centric podcast that I listen to, make them great for listening to on long drives and while doing chores.

This American Life

The long running radio show from NPR is also available right to your phone. While not a specifically Christian show, This American Life dives into topical issues and the lives of diverse people each week — letting us all work out our empathy and mercy muscles for people we might not run into every day. Fair warning: there may be tears from time to time.

Soul City Church

Soul City Church records their sermons from Chicago, IL, and we are all so grateful. The sermons are funny, insightful, challenging and practical. If you need a midweek pick-me-up and refocus in 45 minutes or less, Soul City Church is a good place to start.

That Sounds Fun with Annie F Downs

Author and speaker Annie F Downs introduces us to some of her very favorite people as they talk about projects they are working on, books they’ve written, and their personal lives. I discovered this podcast a few months ago and honestly can’t get enough. Annie’s infectious personality and love of all things fun has us laughing and crying right along with her.

I always tell myself that I should save the episodes that drop on Thursdays for a morning before school the next week, but usually end up giving in and listening to it over the weekend. As she regularly interviews authors with books coming out, my “books to read” list has definitely not gotten smaller since I started listening.


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