Seven Days of Creation

by Sarina Villalpando

Maranatha Community Church, Colton, CA


Sometimes it is important to reflect on the world around us. We tend to take for granted so much, but we forget how we started. Do you ever just look around and realize everything we see was made by God? God created the air we breathe, the trees, our pets, the food we eat, our friends, and everything else. Literally anything we think of — any person, object, or creature — was created by God and in His image. When we step outside, we are engrossed by His image. God loves us so much that we walk on this earth and live a life. He protects us from everything. He gives us the air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat. We are incredibly blessed!

The other day I was waiting in the doctor’s office for my mom and decided to pull out my phone and read Genesis. I thought why not? I got so entranced in the first few chapters. I realized how much I have overlooked those chapters and how much I have forgotten what those chapters contain. Think about it: off the top of your head can you name what happened every day of creation? I’ll admit the fact that I cannot. If you ask me, the first thing I can remember is that God rested on the seventh day…because that’s all I hear about.

I’ve made it my goal to look around and just appreciate what God has created. In order to do that, I think it is important to understand and know every day of creation.

On the first day God created night and day. Can you imagine, just both night and day are created. The night and day we live in used to not exist and suddenly they do. It’s pretty amazing.

On the second day God decided to create the sky and sea. The sky we see every day and take for granted, and the sea that most of us in some way appreciate — they didn’t exist. God saw a purpose for them.

Day three God created land and vegetation. God created the fruit and vegetables that we eat every day. He is the reason we get to eat delicious food every day. He did not have to give us food — He decided to. It was a gift from Him for us to experience food. I am extremely grateful, because I, for one, love food.

The wonderful lights that we see throughout the day and night were created on the fourth day. The sun, the moon, and the stars were created by God. Those big balls of light that shine down on us were created by God. Do you ever just admire those lights in the sky and their beauty? The sunsets everyone admires and takes pictures of were created by God.

On day five God created sea creatures and birds. That little goldfish you have in your house (that you occasionally remember to feed) is a gift from God. All the little things are gifts from God. If you’re not fully amazed by everything God has created, just wait.

On the sixth day God created animals and mankind. First of all, God did all of this in one day. Have you ever thought about that? God created all the animals in one day — one day! All the dogs we hug, the small pets we have to cuddle, and all those animals we see at the zoo were created by God in one day.

Lastly, on the seventh day God rested, saw everything He created and said it was good. One of the most amazing things to me is that God created billions of creatures and people and He loves everything equally. Out of the billions of creations on this planet, God has never left me behind, and He continues to love me unconditionally.

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