SCSC Team Fire

SCSC Team Fire

Sep 26, 2017

by Team Fire

(The following are snippets from the exit testimonies of SCSC 2017 Team Fire)

I originally did SCSC because my friends were doing it. There were four young adults from my church doing SCSC. So naturally, what do you do when all your friends leave you for the summer — you join them. I am so glad I did. Before leaving for training God was already working with me throughout my spring semester at college.

This summer has been a real blessing. I am happy I was not disobedient when God told me I should participate in SCSC. He told me it was time to go further than just my home church. Nothing could have prepared me for the journey my first year of SCSC brought.

From training, I learned to spend more time in reading God’s word. I also learned a lot about discipline, which really helped me to face challenges while on project. At training every emotional, physical and mental part of you is focused on God. At training, I continued to pray that God would bring me happiness and He’d light my fire for Him — every day I felt Him start to work.

At first I wasn’t sure what to do, but I had a feeling that God was pushing me to ask this woman sitting next to me at the airport what was wrong. So I asked her if she was “ok.” She told me that a friend of hers had a heart attack and was in the hospital. She was afraid for his life and his family because he was the family’s foundation for faith. So I spoke with her about the power of prayer and prayed with her right there.

This summer God was really trying to teach me to rely on His strength and focus on Him especially through listening and obeying. I felt Him grow in me even more while being on project. I found it a true blessing to be filled with so much love and be around God-loving people. Throughout the summer I felt this dark cloud dissipating. Through VBS, Bible studies, sermons and devotionals I have continued to feel God reaching out to me. In the end, I realized that God brought me here for a reason.

This SCSC program was an amazing one. This program has shaped me into a better servant for God. I have seen where God used my various talents to minister to His people. SCSC has taught me to spend more time reading the Bible and doing personal devotions, as well as taking the time to consult God before and while I’m doing a task.

This summer serving in the SCSC has helped me to grow spiritually. From training to project, SCSC contributed to my growth and has strengthened my relationship with Jesus Christ. I learned a few different things this summer. I learned that if you have an action and a tune with anything, kids are more likely to be involved. Second, I learned that communication is key to a successful program and overcoming barriers in communication is critical. I now believe that in order for me to be an effective part of outreach programs, learning a second language is a must. I also learned how effective communicating always takes patience and grace — sometimes we need to be stretched to realize just how much is needed.

This year God showed me through the wonderful conversations, project, and through His Holy Word that His plans for my future are well on their way to becoming a reality. If I have learned anything from SCSC, it’s that God’s way of teaching His lessons for our lives requires a great deal of trust. Because of SCSC, I have gone from not knowing how to do anything to now knowing how to lead it all. Trust God that He will make a way and give strength when it all seems to be failing.

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