Real Miracles

by Cheri Appel

Palm Desert, CA

I joined my sister and her family for supper at her daughter’s house this past week. Afterward we shared a car ride to her home. The subject of the conversation turned to miracles as she shared with me some of the things happening at her church, where she is very involved as the Music Minister. She said if followers of Jesus are still asking why God doesn’t perform miracles today, they need to “tune in”— with the idea of seeing what God is doing.

We often chalk things up to coincidence, “luck” or happenstance. But if we look and listen, believing that there are no coincidences — only “God-incidences”…as my stepfather always preached…we will see what great things God is still busy doing!

REAL MIRACLES! like the following story of a couple in my sister’s congregation:

A husband and father of five young children was suddenly struck with an aneurism in his brain. The family was grateful that it did not cause him to be unconscious, go into a coma, or die — but rather the event paralyzed him temporarily. After spending time in the hospital and being medically assessed, they were told he would recover. But he would need professional therapy in a rehab center for a period of weeks in order to get the full use of his appendages back. With the right treatment and therapy, he would be able to return to a new normal of function — enough that he could return to work and support his family.

The family’s insurance would not pay for such rehab for many weeks with professional treatments. In addition, the nurses and doctor were recommending a very expensive, “top of the line,” “cutting edge” rehab treatment center for the best and quickest of recoveries. The family looked into other rehab clinics, including the one being recommended. There were no openings anywhere in the area.

The young couple was unsure just what to do next. They were talking and praying about it in a waiting room that happened to include an older man whose wife had suffered a similar, but devastating brain injury. Due to her age, the prognosis was not as promising.

After listening to the young couple discuss and pray about their lack of options, the older man interrupted their conversation. He said his wife was in a coma and would not be ready to go to rehab any time soon. He not only had a reserved room in the recommended rehab clinic for the best treatment, but HE OWNED THE CLINIC!! He told the young father that he could have eight weeks in the clinic completely free!

There is no such thing as luck! God owns all the clinics! And He is in control… always!

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