Can your church top this? Celebrating Six Dads at Shiloh

Can your church top this? Celebrating Six Dads at Shiloh

Sep 25, 2017

by Cheryl Muffley

During the month of June, as in previous years, Shiloh continued the tradition of celebrating “Dads and Grads.” But the celebration didn’t end there this year. After digging through our church history books, it was brought to light that we have six very special dads in our congregation. These six dads have several things in common. Along with being dads, five of the six are over 80 years old. The sixth dad isn’t far behind — he will celebrate his 80th birthday this summer. All right, you’re thinking, so they have their age in common. Well, that really wasn’t the reason for our celebration. We were not only recognizing them for their age, we wanted to thank each of them for their dedication, faithfulness, and positive examples they’ve shown over the years. You see, each of them has a church membership of at least 64 years! Throughout the years, each of them has led a very active membership. In addition to serving on various committees, singing in the choir, passing out bulletins, assisting as ushers, and serving as church moderator, all of them can say they have been instrumental in bringing many church projects to completion. Back in 1960 when Jersey Oaks Camp was being built, they were there every Sunday. We are blessed to have these Godly men continue to share their positive examples of faithfulness and dedication. During the service, as their names were called and their years of membership were announced, each dad stood as the congregation applauded.

Dad Date of Membership Years of Membership

Fred Davis 9/19/53 64 years

Bill Nieukirk 9/19/53 64 years

George Pettit 3/27/48 69 years

Mark Sheppard 6/01/46 71 years

Howard Scull 6/01/46 71 years

Owen Probasco** 6/19/43 74 years

Total: 413 years

**Special note: Ruth Ayars, who became Owen’s wife, also joined the church on the same day as Owen.

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