A Pastor Called to Ordination

A Pastor Called to Ordination

Sep 25, 2017

by John J. Pethtel

Director of Church Development & Pastoral Services



Pastor Ericessen A. Cooper, a man of God, was called to pastor the NYC SDB Church at 1904 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York, in April 2005 and has been faithfully serving in this capacity.


In 2016, at a special member’s meeting, the church officially called Pastor Cooper to ordination. An Ordination committee was formed to accomplish this mission. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, the chairperson of the committee, Sis. Monica Thompson, along with committee members, Sis. Jewel Poole, Bro. Oliver Francis, Sis. Lisa Moore, Pastor Harold Smith, Bro. Lebert Small, and Bro Cecil King, went into action with the help of the Director of Church Development and Pastoral Services, Pastor John Pethtel, and the SDB Manual of Policy and Procedure.

Notice was sent to the General Conference and the date of Sabbath, March 18, was selected for the Ordination Council to examine the readiness of our Pastor to the ministry. Letters of invitation were sent to sister churches in Eastern Association and the SDB Council on Ministry to send delegates to serve on the Council. Pastor John Pethtel moderated the examination session and Sis. Jewel Poole served as secretary. After deliberation, Pastor Ericessen Cooper was declared ready for ordination. Hallelujah! The church joyfully and unanimously voted to accept the Council’s recommendation.

The Ordination Service was held on Sabbath, April 29, 2017. There was such joy and excitement for this long-awaited moment. The congregation, family members, specially invited guests, friends, and Pastor Cooper’s co-workers were all seated and ready for this solemn and wonderful occasion. The message, entitled “It’s Harvest Time,” was brought by Pastor Andrew Samuels, a friend and mentor to Pastor Cooper. Pastor Egbert Downes, Plainfield SDB Church, brought the charge to the candidate and Pastor Paul Andries, Washington SDB Church, brought the charge to the church. The robing of Pastor Ericessen Cooper was done by members of our Diaconate Board and Pastor Nicholas Kersten led the consecration prayer. Presentations were made to both Pastor Cooper and his supportive wife, Sis. Crystal Cooper. After Pastor John Pethtel welcomed Pastor Cooper to the ministry, the newly ordained Rev. Cooper thanked everyone for the support that brought him to this moment. He especially acknowledged his mother, Pearl Cooper, for the example she set for him. The Ordination Choir, beautifully arrayed in their royal blue, capped the evening with a stirring rendition of “Let Church Say Amen.”

We give thanks to God for this milestone in the church’s history, our first pastoral ordination!

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