Church Blast with Butler!

Church Blast with Butler!

Aug 30, 2017

by Kevin Butler

“Church Blast with Butler!” Believe me, I did not come up with that name.

Our beloved Conference President Patti Wethington conned me (kidding) into putting on an entertaining program-of-sorts, right after lunch on Monday through Wednesday, to draw people back into the afternoon schedule. My opening monologue revealed that security agents at the airport rushed me to a private room (kidding) after hearing that I was in California to participate in several “church blasts.”

Using a talk show format, I had 15 minutes each day to grill some of our pastors who are leading their churches in practical steps of revitalization. I contacted these men ahead of time to get some of the basic info, but the dialogue on stage was far from scripted. (Not kidding.)

My thanks go out to pastors J.R. Shick (White Cloud, MI), Johnmark Camenga (Lost Creek, WV), Nathan Crandall (Milton, WI), Carl Greene (Hebron, PA) and Matt Olson (Berlin, NY) for participating and being good sports. They needed to be on their toes for whatever came their way. They did not disappoint. I encourage you to contact them to see how their congregations are moving toward a brighter future.



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