by Amanda Langley

Youth conference/Youth-Con is very new and we, along with the Christian Education Council, are still figuring out the best way to facilitate the program. Despite this, the amazing staff helped to make every moment profitable. Benny Uhlich, Daniel Lovelace, Jennifer Hughes, Haywood Floyd, and Bill Shobe, accompanied Kory Langley and me (Amanda Langley) in this adventure.

We led the youth through a more relaxed but still somehow packed schedule this summer. There were Bible studies lead by all of the staff on our theme of Devotion. The theme came from Acts 2:42. Haywood led us in worship music that drew some of the college staff to worship with us occasionally. Alan Briggs came to talk with the youth about being dedicated in their life on mission. We played a lot of games inside and outside in the lovely California air.

Some of the most powerful moments we had this year were in our small groups. A staff member or two would lead a group of about five youth in discussion and collaboration. For evening activities we were able to have a movie night, game night, youth vs pastors basketball game (which the pastors won), coffee house, and a spirited game of capture the flag. Pictures were graciously taken by Madge Chroniger and Peter Osborn of the youth banquet, afternoon of games, capture the flag, and Sabbath worship.

This year would not have been a success if it weren’t for the wonderful group of youth that was up for anything and brought laughter to every situation. Here are some things that they would like to say about Youth-Con.

My first year of Youth-Con was definitely a life changing experience. I learned a lot about how I need to live my life as a follower of Christ.”

— Niesy Scott, Texarkana SDB Church

“During youth-con I learned to be devoted to God. I learned that to be devoted I need to pray and read my Bible, and learn to listen to God. To be devoted I need to trust God and lean on Him. I am glad that I got the chance to go to Youth-Con and learn more about being devoted and listening to God and His calling for me.”

— Rachael Osborn, Boulder SDB Church

“I guess Justin Bieber isn’t the greatest thing to be devoted to. God and I are still working on that one.” — Jayda Green

“It was a great environment to hang out with old friends, make new ones, and learn how to be devoted to God!” — Melissa Brown

“Going into conference, I wanted to learn what it meant to be on fire for God, and how to keep that fire going so I could live my life for Him. During the week, I learned that I need to fuel my fire, or I’ll lose it. My fire will transform me, and transformed people transform the world. In order to transform the world, I need to be aware of my spiritual gifts and use them for God. Through me, God will shock people using His power, because nothing from the world will surprise people these days. The only thing standing in my way is fear. Fear of things that Satan will throw at me. But why fear Satan? He’s been defeated. So I need to be devoted to the Word, and connect myself to strong believers, because I can’t face life by myself. I stand here in front of you a different person, a changed person, because of Conference 2017.”

— Holly Probasco, Shiloh SDB Church

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