The Lord Guides My Way

The Lord Guides My Way

May 22, 2017

By Patti Wethington

Conference President

Ahh, as I set my eyes on the horizon

Warm breeze of air touches my soul

To wonder how this wonderful sensation

Came to be for creatures to enjoy

Love as they say is a wonderful feeling

Surrounds by the serenity of life

As I glimpse the path of my future

I know that the Lord guides the way

Yet as I leave my beloved homeland

Tears fell across my face

For I left a part of my being

To where I was created from

I know not what lies ahead

To journey to a foreign land

A land that knows no boundary

For the soul to wander around

As I face the challenge in life

Brave as I may be, but my soul needs strength

A strength that only my Lord could give

For He knows He’s the Father of my soul

I seek not the wealth of this world

Nor what it can provide for humanity

Though I find it abounds with treasure

But the treasure in heaven that I long for

This journey of mine hasn’t been so easy

With all the ups and downs that life provides

Yet I know that a strong hand holds me

Until now I still stand firmly

I may still be journeying more

To a land I know not where

Praying that the words of God

Shall be there to nourish my soul

Somehow, someday when the time has come

For only God knows what lies ahead

When this journey of mine shall come to end

Bringing with me the promised salvation

By Yollie M. Bunag

I came across this poem recently and it stirred my soul to think of all that God offers when and if I can let go and travel from my homeland to a land that knows no boundary. We all can let God guide us into His future, His plan, and His path to glory.

For me — right now — I am looking forward to the 2017 General Conference in California. The event will be filled with opportunity, time for rekindling friendships, learning, sharing, and growing in a deeper knowledge of what God has in His plans. Please consider your travel plans for this summer and join us!!!

One thing I want to stress is that Jeremiah Owen, our General Conference Communication Director, has created easy ways to connect to the activities at Conference for those of you who cannot make the trip to Azusa Pacific Campus in California. If you are not too computer savvy, find someone in your church who is.

Connect with Jeremiah for instructions ( or call me (Patti: 231 846-1756) and I will get you connected to the person who can support your need. I envision some of our churches connecting to the Conference evening programs and projecting them on the screens at your local church. In this time when technology gives us new and improved ways to connect, it’s a shame to miss out on all that is planned and happening!!

Pray for me as we draw near to July. Pray for our leaders as they are completing the annual work and preparations. Pray that we will always demonstrate God’s love and good will.

I pray that God’s blessings will be displayed for your needs. He is a Good Father!

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