May 22, 2017

By Seth Osborn

Boulder SDB Church, CO


I’ve seen rain clouds and lightning

And mud is on my shoes;

Still there’s work to be done by

Whomever it behooves.


(Yes, I know that it’s me, Lord,

But can it wait a while?

All the weather is gloomy…

Besides, I’ve other trials.)


God, I pray that you grant me

With strength to wait inside

And a zeal to support those

Who take this storm in stride.


(For you’re much better off with

A soldier tried and true

Than a brand new recruit that

Would serve to hinder you.)


But you still keep declaring

You want me for the fight

So that all men may know you

And move from wrong to right.


Who am I? Quite a bad choice

To give this hefty task:

Hesitation surrounds me

And strives to hold me back.


So I sit and I watch, wipe

My foggy window clear,

When some words in a whisper

Just barely catch my ear:


“Is it I whom you seek, or

Your own ill-fated way?

Now repent of your doubt, child,

And trust what I shall say.”


Now the rain makes me cold, drenched,

And—dare I say—washed clean.

So I follow the Lord through

These troubles He’s foreseen.

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