Are you in the life-saving business??

Are you in the life-saving business??

Apr 25, 2017

by Arianna Stover

Verona SDB Church, NY


Friends and family are important to me, so I think that it is important to share my faith with them. I have had many moments when I shared my faith with my friends. One of those moments was with my friend Teagan. I thought that I should share my faith about God with her because she is very important to me. I would love for her to know more about Jesus and that she can only get to Heaven by asking Him into her heart and asking for forgiveness. So I have

always had mini conversations with her about God.

One day we went to a concert where a Christian artist talked and sang. Carmen (who was the artist) called people to the front of the room if they felt comfortable and ready to ask Jesus into their hearts. So I explained to her what he was talking about in more detail so that she could understand better. She decided that she was ready and wanted to ask Jesus into her heart as her Lord and Savior. I brought her up front to say the prayer with other people who were praying. I was so proud of her that I almost cried. It was such a happy moment for her and me. I was also proud of myself because I helped her realize that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and loves us so much. Now she wants to go to church on some Sabbaths when she can.

Another moment in my life when I shared my faith was to a friend named Morgan. My friends and I were at lunch on one of the first days of school and we started talking about God. We were talking about how God sent His one and only Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. We explained to her that the only way to get to Heaven was to ask Jesus into our hearts and ask for forgiveness. She didn’t know that and wanted us to tell her more about it. She asked us a few questions like: “Are you able to get to Heaven by being a really good person and going to church?” We told her that you can’t get to Heaven that way although it is great to go to church and be a really good person. We told her you have to actually pray and ask God into your heart as your Lord and Savior. So she decided that later that night she was going to go home and before she went to bed she was going to ask God into her heart! We were so proud of her I really wanted to cry. Now we are going to talk to her about more information about God and what it says in the Bible so she understands a little better!

Another shorter story about my friends and me sharing a religious conversation was not long ago when we were in school at art class, working and talking quietly. I am not quite sure how this subject came about but it was a conversation I will never forget — because a lot of kids don’t usually talk about this subject at school. But I don’t mind because I like sharing my faith and I am not afraid to do so! We talked about God. Then a few comments were made that I was not sure about because they didn’t quite seem realistic to me. We didn’t argue about it, we just all shared a little about what we thought and believed. I figured I would ask my parents about it or my pastor, maybe, just to see what they thought. I haven’t asked about it yet, but I will soon. I do think it was a fun and great conversation because it was religious and not an everyday conversation that you would have at school. What I really liked about it was that we didn’t argue and we all wanted to have a religious conversation the next day since we all had fun talking about it!

So now you all should have a good thought about why I think it is important to share your faith with your friends and family — before you won’t be able to anymore! This is why I think you should share your faith with your friends and family who you care so much about!

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