Marlboro SDB History

Marlboro SDB History

Mar 23, 2017

by Diane Cruzan

In the spring of 1811

Our history had its start.

Once members of the Shiloh Church,

our forefathers chose to part.

Their reason was the distance;

Too far for horse and man.

And so with Shiloh’s blessing,

They made good on their plan.

They met in homes until the day

their labors were complete.

The little church built “in the barrens”

was just 20 x 30 feet.

Twenty-six names were written down

to form that church, most humble;

names like Crosby, Bennett, Wood,

Davis, Ayars and Campbell.

12 ½ cents was charged each year

per man to pay the bills.

Women paid just half that much,

their duty to fulfill.

Sister Patience Ayars was hired

to sweep the church and clean.

She earned a whopping $2.00 per year

but her work was overseen

by the ladies of the church, who found

that she skipped a week, one time.

They docked her a dollar from her wage

for her neglectful crime.

At the next business meeting she countered with

an offer much better than theirs.

She would clean the church for a year for free,

and that’s all we know of Sister Ayars.

In 1837 the church was moved to this place,

“two miles nearer Shiloh.”

Overflowing with 135 members,

that building they were soon to outgrow.

The church’s first name, what it was for a time

(and I’m sorry, there’s just no way to make it rhyme)

was “The Second Seventh Day Baptist Church

in the Western Division of the State of New Jersey.”

But after the church was moved

and the marl was discovered nearby,

it seemed the name of Marlboro

would more aptly apply.

The present church building was dedicated

in the spring of 1861.

They had met in the basement for 7 years

and were glad when it was done.

Many deeds and names are noted

in the church minutes since the start.

It’s easy to see the members had

a warm spot in their heart

for this church, the Marlboro SDB.

Yes, those souls who were so fervent,

when reaching their final home surely heard,

“Thou good and faithful servant.”

We’ve had 33 pastors in 200 years,

from Jacob Ayars to Babcock.

And although we’ve had a blessed past,

we wouldn’t turn back the clock.

We thank the ones who went before,

and from the past we learn.

But now the present and the future

are our main concern.

God has blessed us since our beginning.

We ask his blessing on our tomorrow,

and for at least 206 more years

to serve the Lord at Marlboro.

— Diane Cruzan

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