Life on Mission: History or His Story?

Life on Mission:  History or His Story?

Dec 22, 2016

by Patti Wethington

SDB Church, White Cloud, MI


I’m pausing for a few moments to reflect on the past year. I remember the changes that took place — some of the challenges in the family; days when work seemed to never end; some events in our church that changed our understanding of community; some moments of celebration and tears of regret; the joy of a new baby girl named Berkeley and three other grands that have more energy than I remember my kids had when they were small; my neighbors faithfully coming to check on Mema (PB’s mom) — I’m smiling!

Reflection is an important process of healing, re-evaluating, learning, and processing. It helps our minds and spirits absorb some of the meanings of life situations, how well or not so well we handled the event, what we can reinforce or make better, and of course what not to allow to happen again. When all is processed and our reflections have been understood we can be reminded that it’s history.

When I say the word “history” I am reminded of Matthew West’s song, “History” — my thoughts are moved by what it means to be motivated and influenced not by my past, but the past that changed the world. His story… Jesus! You see, I always interpreted the words from the song, “you are history in the making” meaning “His story in the making.” Whether that was Matthew’s intent or not, it affected me — caused me to understand that I am being moved and changed into a story of redemption and new life in Jesus. Now I’m His Story!

On my phone Bible devotional app (application), I was reading the “I-Factor” written by Van Moody in my study time. His thoughts provided a fresh view of the history that is so important and freeing. He wrote about His Story these words:

“I believe one of the most desperate needs among people is to gain a clear understanding of how God sees us. It will revolutionize the way we see ourselves and the way we view others. All believers accept Jesus’ death on the cross as an intellectual reality, but some fail to grasp in their hearts how dramatically His sacrifice impacts our everyday lives. The crucifixion means that every sin in our past has been washed way, every wound has been healed, and every bondage has been broken The tide of blood that flowed from Calvary has carried away every-thing that would make us feel guilty, ashamed, bitter and regretful; and has made possible a life of total freedom, healing wholeness, and redemption. It gives us a fresh start every single day…

Now is the time — I mean right now, this minute — to make up your mind that your past no longer matters. When it doesn’t matter, it can’t influence you. Until the past is rendered impotent in your mind, it will affect the way you see yourself, the way you view others and the way you think about your future. It’s time for that to stop. Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (Jn 8:32)

The truth is Jesus… His Story and how precious a gift we’ve been given. When experienced, the unfolding story begins to emerge in each of us who accept His calling: how God meets us, where He intervenes, what He says through scripture that has its own personal meaning individually. How God breathes life into our talent, when He opens a door that never seemed to be in view before and, oh! what comfort when we come before Him with our aches and pains. That kind of story, from absorbing His sacrifice and allowing it to impact our everyday life. “…and the truth will make you free.”

Now, I challenge you to take hold of the freedom in knowing the truth, let the story that emerges from you be realized, live your Life on Mission: touching lives for Jesus by simply sharing His Story and the history of Jesus in your own life. Listen to the story that comes from others, ask questions, grow with them… Share the simple experiences of God’s impact on your everyday life.

My prayer this January is our memory scripture verse: “Ask God to give me the right words so I can boldly explain God’s mysterious plan that the good news is for Jews and Gentiles alike.”

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