Be A Friend First

Xander Post

SDB Church of Shiloh, NJ

I could write for hours showing my knowledge of the Bible, but it wouldn’t matter to the people who don’t believe in it. And I think all that knowledge and referencing Bible verses are really good, but sometimes we overlook one major detail.

When I was a freshman in high school, I was trying to spread the gospel. The first person I talked to was a guy named Joe. He became discouraged. He started to hate me and he pushed me away because I was too overpowering with what I was saying. So I decided to drop everything and become his friend. He warmed up to me and we became good friends. Later that year, he started asking questions about my faith. This time, I only answered his questions – nothing more.

I began to think about how Jesus was spreading the Gospel. He was befriending the tax collectors and widows and a ton more of different people. He was a friend, brother, and teacher to his disciples. He spent His time traveling to different places and doing the impossible. The people who listened were the people who respected and loved Him. Did the Pharisees listen or even respect Him?

I think the most important thing in spreading the Gospel is to love every single person you see.

It doesn’t matter what age, gender, race, or even religion. Go out there and love the people you meet. Make friends and tell them the gospel because if you don’t, no one will listen if you are hating instead of loving them.

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