Rev. Dr. Kenneth Chroniger
Alfred Station SDB Church, NY


Perhaps as far back as August 2015, you made sure that July 31 – August 6 was blocked off for the General Conference 2016 session on the campus of Houghton College, Houghton, NY. Allow me to sound Biblical for a moment — “the time is upon us!” So what may you do to prepare for this opportunity with God and His people?

You can pray. If you haven’t joined the 100 days of prayer on Facebook, developed by Pastor Steve James, there is still time. Our Conference session is a spiritual event, so pray!

As you plan travel to and from Conference, choose to worship on the Sabbath before with God’s people. Plan your travel to worship with your brothers and sisters at one of the Seventh Day Baptist churches along your way. There are 28 Seventh Day Baptist churches within one day’s drive of Houghton.

Please get plenty of rest before you come to Conference session. This is our family reunion where our “fictive kinship system” is on display. Some of us will meet family we never knew. By the end of the week, there will be new aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins, brothers and sisters. So rest up!

While it seems to be a Conference session truth that we all intend to attend everything during Conference session, one does not attend everything. Here are some suggestions as you make your plans for the week:

  • Are you desiring a way to begin your morning with God? The prayer gathering in Wesley Chapel each morning may be your commitment.
  • Are you really wanting to know what is happening with our boards, agencies and societies? Meeting times with our Executives on Monday and Tuesday may be your commitment.
  • Are you a delegate representing your church?

Your attendance at Business sessions may be your commitment.

  • Are you an attendee at the Conference session who wants to help set the tone for the direction of the General Conference in the next year and beyond? Attending an Interest Committee session may be your commitment.
  • Are you looking for a time of spiritual refreshing and renewal? Evening Praise and Evening Worship may be your commitment.

These are not the only opportunities to participate in during Conference session but these are some suggestions for how you might commit yourself to serving God.

So my brothers and sisters, I look forward to seeing and greeting you on the campus of Houghton College in Houghton, New York, on July 31 as we consider Faith-Family-Education.

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