Just the Facts!

by Rob Appel

Executive Director


The Set Up

During my travels this past six months, I have encountered a lot of confusion about the Conference, the Directors, locations, the Center, and of course, where I live and work. So allow me to clear up some of the confusion — at least for those of you who read the Sabbath Recorder.

Here are the thoughts and statements that I have heard recently:

1. Because the Board of Christian Education and the

Historical Society have legally merged with the

General Conference, the Missionary Society is next.


Clarification — One of the recommendations of the Ad Hoc II committee in 2010 was that, “Independently incorporated agencies of the denomination (Historical,  Christian Education, Missionary Society) be legally merged with the General Conference, but that the  Memorial Board remain independently incorporated to provide legal liability protection.”

However, the Ad Hoc II members also stated their recommendations were NOT:

• A performance evaluation of any our current Boards, Agencies, or Executives

• Something that we will put into place immediately

• Something that will be forced on any group or individuals

This last one of the NOTs is what I would like to address. They were stating that they were NOT forcing anyone to do what they were suggesting. That it was entirely up to the Board or Society to make the decision without feeling coerced. The Ad Hoc II Committee also went on to state, “Changes will be encouraged, not forced, on the independently incorporated societies.”

The SDB Missionary Society, under the direction Clint Brown, is really busy sending pastors and people into countries that are in sore need of training. They are so busy that the very idea that they should be working on something that would take them away from the focus of Kingdom work would be a distraction that was not needed. I agree with them!

2. Rob is working year-round out of California, and therefore the SDB Center has moved.

NO, it hasn’t!

Clarification — Some have jumped to the conclusion that since I work part of the year from my home in California, that the Center has left Wisconsin. But it hasn’t — and it won’t. It is still located in Janesville, Wisconsin, where we have a staff of people…and I still do have an office there.

3. All the Executives (Directors) of the Conference work out of the SDB Center.

No, again!

Clarification — Many of you have decided that because of the merging of the Board of Christian Education and Historical Society, and the revamping of the work that the General Conference voted on in 2014 which the General Council ultimately made, everyone would be “forced” to be located in Janesville. That is not the case at all.

One of the items of discovery by the General Council, during their reading of the book, Leading from the Sandbox, was that when you have people in positions with a passion for their work, they will have a “sweet spot” in their work ethic. All the players don’t have to work under one roof. In fact, there are times when you have more communication and collaboration amongst the players on the team when this happens.

The bottom line is…

I am thankful that people are so interested in the SDB ministries that they are thinking about what is happening.

I am also thankful for the team that we have put together, their commitment, dedication, and willingness to work with each other. Dare I say, that we have never had a time in our history where there has been so much cooperation, collaboration, and communication between our ministries and their executives.

The ministries of the General Conference are doing great, and so is the SDB Missionary Society! We are working to improve our services and ministry opportunities for you and your church. We are working well together and are focused on Kingdom work. If you haven’t already joined us in an area of ministry where you have a “Sweet Spot,” we invite you to join with us! And that is a FACT!

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