SCSC Jamaica Round 2!

by Katrina Goodrich

In case you missed it, in 2014 (two years ago for those like me can never keep track of what year it is now), an SCSC team of three was sent to Jamaica for a project as part of a pilot project between the Women’s Board and the Missionary Society. This inaugural project was to determine the feasibility of an international missions track as part of the SCSC program. The Jamaican SDB Conference is a dear sister conference to the USA/Canada Ltd. With their express interest in the SCSC program, it seemed like an excellent place to try something new and continue a partnership that has lasted for decades. After much hard work from everyone involved in both

nations, the SCSC team (Lauren Telford, Lindsay Crouch, and Elizabeth Camenga) was sent to Jamaica for four weeks. The project was a success which was summed up by Elizabeth this way, “Lauren, Lindsay, and I …were blessed to join Jamaican laborers in God’s vineyard to prepare the way of the Lord.”

This year the Women’s Board/SCSC committee is excited to once again partner with the Missionary Society to send an SCSC team to Jamaica for a summer of service! This year’s missions track team is Jennifer Brown, Elisabeth Lawson, Josiah Lynch, and Michaella Osborn.

Those in the mission track not only participate in the normal SCSC training program but also participate in extra preparations, most notably taking the “Perspectives” course. This is an intensive 15-week course that will “impact your ‘perspective’ on God and His purposes and the way He works in the world.” This course is an opportunity to learn how God is working in the world and help discover your purpose in it — a missionally based program. It is an exceptionally relevant course for any Christian to take. With its missions background, it is a very helpful tool for those preparing to work in the mission field, as are those who are accepted in the SCSC missions track.

The goal of the SCSC program is to prepare students to be Christian leaders and to help give experience and confidence to young adults so that they have the equipment to carry out God’s purposes. The missions track in SCSC is another way to do that work and an opportunity to share the love of Christ outside our country.

This is an exciting endeavor — but then again I’m pretty typically excited about SCSC and it isn’t just because I’m on the Women’s Board and want to make us look good. I spent four years in the program and I can honestly say it was wholly worthwhile. When I was eligible for SCSC (less than five years ago), an international mission wasn’t an option, but now it is! That’s awesome!

It takes hard work and support to get something like this started and even more to keep it growing. Yes, keep it growing. SCSC is a program that began a little over 50 years ago and it has continued to grow in that time. This mission project is a continuation of that growth. It is something to be intently and enthusiastically praying over in the coming months — something to be supporting with your words and actions. If you are the type of person who wants to know more about these things, I encourage you to speak with someone who has gone, or is going to, Jamaica this summer — I’ve given you their names. If you don’t know any of these wonderful young adults, contact either the Missionary Society or the Women’s Board. (Don’t know how to contact us? Look for us under the Ministries tab at Do not lose out on an excellent opportunity to help further God’s purposes in this world.


This year the Craft Table will be back at Conference. So bring your crafts to donate toward raising funds for SCSC.

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