2015 Sabbath School Teacher of the Year: Rachel Trudell

2015 Sabbath School Teacher of the Year: Rachel Trudell

Feb 22, 2016

by Peggy Chroniger

The Seventh Day Baptist Christian Education Council is pleased to award the 2015 Sabbath School Teacher of the Year to Rachel Trudell from the Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist Church.

Teacher of the Year 2015

Rachel began teaching when she was in college. She started with the 2nd and 3rd graders. After taking a break while starting to raise her children, she began teaching the high school class. She has guided this class in such a way that three of her students have become Sabbath School teachers themselves. She encourages participation by providing yummy treats and a safe environment for the youth to share their thoughts and opinions. She incorporates skits, laughter and outside-the-box thinking to allow the students to learn. She is never judgmental but will not compromise her beliefs when leading the class in discussions regarding worldly versus Biblical values.

One of Rachel’s students said, “She has taught us that it is okay to be unsure about something, and to never be afraid to ask questions. By example, she has taught us what it means to be authentic and live with God in our lives. She is a very loving person who is extremely supportive of us, as a Sabbath school, and as individuals.”

Rachel cares about the youth in her class. Each Sabbath, Rachel uses her caring as a licensed Counselor and her spiritual gifting for one-on-one counseling. These counseling opportunities receive high priority. Rachel truly believes that faith must be passed on to the next generation in a way that integrates this generation into the older generation.

Rachel not only serves her church as a Sabbath School teacher, but also serves on the Christian Education Committee, leads the Junior Youth Fellowship and serves as Vice President of the Church.

The Christian Education Council encourages all churches to honor those in their church who serve as Sabbath School teachers. One way to honor these teachers is to nominate one for the Sabbath School Teacher of the Year.

The Council seeks nominees whose outstanding teaching skills have contributed to the Christian nurture of our people. Because only one person is selected, not everyone worthy of recognition will be identified and honored.

Nevertheless, we seek to honor one teacher on behalf of the many who have shared Christ and His teachings.

Member and branch churches of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference USA & Canada, Ltd., may nominate a Sabbath School teacher.

Sabbath School Teacher of the Year



• is a member in good standing of the nominating church

• exhibits the quality of faith and teaching found in the life and teachings of Christ

• he or she CURRENTLY serves as a Sabbath School teacher

Local Church:

• is a member or branch church of the Seventh Day

Baptist General Conference USA & Canada, Ltd.

• certifies the nominee’s church membership, present Sabbath School teaching

position, previous Sabbath School teaching experience, unique

teaching skills or practices, and other Christian Education service

• attaches the nomination comments from student or parents (in the cases of

teachers of children) in support of the nominee’s teaching effectiveness

• the local Pastor and Superintendent will submit the nomination to the Christian

Education Council by e-mail or post by the deadline of May 31, 2016.

The date of submission is determined by the date that the document arrives

to the Council.

• Churches from whose membership a person has received the Sabbath School

Teacher of the Year Award shall be ineligible for the next three years.

For 2016 nominees will not be considered from the Riverside, CA (Kurt

Berg), Salem, WV (Jo Rogers) and Alfred Station NY (Rachel Trudell)



• Forms are available by e-mailing the Director of

Education and History, Nick Kersten


• As long as all of the information requested on the nomination form is provided in

an easily identified manner, the church may substitute its own format

for the nomination.

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