Alive or just breathing

Alive or just breathing

Jan 22, 2016

by Rachael Osborn

SDB Church of Boulder, CO




Girl under shower 3


I myself am not perfect

and though I may not look it

sometimes I feel worthless

like there’s nothing inside

there’s something I try to hide

sometimes I don’t feel alive

I just go through

hope I make it

and when people ask how I’m doing

I lie, I say I’m fine

when my mind is a mess

and I just can’t express

the way I feel

so I mask what is real

truth is I am numb



living behind a face of joy

no one expects a thing

now I’m to the point where I’ve got nothing left

and I can’t even breathe

getting up is the hardest thing I have to do

seeing people every day

living a life in total darkness

but no one knows a thing

But wait there’s still more

I’m starting to see a light at the end of my tunnel

maybe I’ll find my way out

and I start to see, this light

it’s still in sight

and no it’s not just my imagination

it’s no longer dark

seeing people is not hard

getting up is getting easier

there’s been a weight taken off my shoulders

I can breathe again

no longer behind the face of joy

now living a life of hope

not empty or numb

full of life full of heart

still can’t express how I feel but now it’s good

I feel alive again

no longer trying to hide

there is something inside

more than precious gold

in the eyes of my father

he is my light

he has saved me

all I had to do was ask

and he pulled me up

and held me close

that’s when I realized

there’s more to life

than just breathing

In Isaiah 13:12 it says, “I will make people scarcer than

pure gold, more rare than the gold of Ophir.”

We are more precious than gold to God. He will save us

and walk us through the darkness; we just have to ask.

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