Christmas Gift List 2015

Christmas Gift List 2015

Oct 28, 2015

by Clinton R. Brown

Executive Director, SDB Missionary Society


This year we are encouraging our friends and family again to consider giving to support our Seventh Day Baptist brothers and sisters around the world in ministry. Please look at the list and determine if there are ways you feel called to help celebrate in giving during this season of remembering the greatest gift of all, our Father’s sacrificial love for us.

Emergency Relief Funds

• 1 – Ebola Epidemic Recovery Support (suggested gift: $30)

• 2 – Children Distressed by War & Conflicts (suggested gift: $60)

• 3 – Clean Water for a Family (suggested gift: $15)

• 4 – Emergency Relief Supplies: an urgent need (suggested gift: $45)


Orphans and Widows Ministries

• 5 – Shoes and Clothing for the Poor (suggested gift: $25)

• 6 – Help Provide a Home for an Orphan’s Placement Support

(suggested gift: $45)

• 7 – Buy Seeds for Sustainable Food Gardens in Uganda

(suggested gift: $25)

• 8 – Dengue and Malaria Preventing Mosquito Nets

(suggested gift: $10)


Gifts Under $15

• 9 – Books for Evangelists/Leader Training (suggested gift: $14)

• 10 – Soccer Balls for Community Youth Ministry (suggested gift: $8)

• 11 – Life-saving Medicine (suggested gift: $12)

• 12 – Missionary Society Membership for a Friend (suggested gift: $10)


Evangelism and Discipleship

• 13 – Evangelist/Pastor Training Bibles in Africa or Caribbean

(suggested gift: $25)

• 14 – Helping Hand Overseas for a Year (suggested gift: $22)

• 15 – Shipping Christian Literature: urgent need in South Sudan

(suggested gift: $15)

• 16 – Bibles and Hymnals for Developing World Congregations

(suggested gift: $20)

• 17 – General Missions Ministry Support (suggested gift: $50)


Currently the Missionary Society sends 100% of the funds received designated for these purposes directly to the project without collecting administrative support costs. We hope to maintain this practice while continuing to provide and expand our services for missions ministry work. Please give generously to these and other projects and consider giving to support the ministry work overall. May God bless you and your family abundantly for His glory!

Contributions for Christmas Gifts for the SDB Missionary Society can be sent to:

SDB Missions

19 Hillside Ave.

Ashaway, RI 02804

or give online at:

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