The Beacon

The Beacon

Hi everyone! My name is Caleb!

And my name is Gabi! We are excited to announce that we are the 2015-2016 Beacon editors!

Hooray! Get the confetti!

We stole the ingenious idea of co-editing from Ellie Chroniger and Becca Olson…but we are also adding our own twist by having an apprentice editor, Annie Lloyd.

You said “twist,” but I think we all know you meant “one up.” In your face, Chroniger/Olson.

I was trying to be civil, but yes, “one up” is a better term (we love you Ellie and Becca).

In all actuality, we could never live up to our

predecessors’ awesomeness. But that’s not to say we won’t try. In the coming year, you can expect to see the same kind of inspiring messages in the Beacon; however also expect to see more variety! We’re

beginning a campaign to enlist the amazing writing abilities of however many SDB youth we can. So, while Gabi (and Annie) and I will still be writing the most, there will be a very diverse voice this year. For that, I’m super excited.

I agree! Our goal is to try to give as many youth as possible a chance to have their voice heard, because let’s be honest, they have some pretty amazing things to say!

*Cough* so if you’re a youth and you want to write let us know *cough*

And you know, if you don’t, we have our ways of making you…

Gabi! No threatening our readers! We’ve talked about this.

Okay, okay.

Sorry about that, folks.

Moving back on track, we’ll leave you with next year’s conference theme: Family, Faith, Education.

Actually, this ties back into what we were just saying. Even though it’s written for youth and by youth, the Beacon is applicable to all, and is perfect for promoting faith and education in a family setting. (So youth, if you want to be involved in building

family, faith, and education, WRITE FOR US).

Yes, props to you Pastor Ken Chroniger for choosing a relatable theme. We look forward to being involved in an awesome year of The Beacon and sharing what God lays on our hearts with all of our amazing readers!

“Do not move the ancient landmark that your fathers have set.” (Proverbs 22:28 ESV)

“You shall not move your neighbor’s landmark, which the men of old have set, in the inheritance that you will hold in the land that the LORD your God is giving you to possess.” (Deuteronomy 19:14 ESV)

In all seriousness if you are an SDB youth who feels led to write, please contact us at: or



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