Children’s Conference

Children’s Conference

Aug 25, 2015

Children’s Conference

Valerie Probasco

Our Children’s Conference was excited to host over 60 kids for fun and fellowship. The theme this year was STEADFAST, just like the General Conference. The kids had a wonderful week of Bible teaching, music, field trips, and outreach. Similar to VBS, the kids rotated through various stations. The Bible stories for the week focused on individuals who were Steadfast in their faith. Each day a Bible character was studied, but there was an additional story as well. The stories of five people from recent history were brought forward for the kids to really think about what it means to be steadfast for God.

Paul evangelized all across his known world. Today we think of Billy Graham as one of our greatest modern evangelists. Moses was an obedient leader who delivered the Israelites from slavery in Egypt…Gladys Aylward was an obedient missionary in China who saved 100 orphans. Peter was a disciple of Jesus who was imprisoned for his faith, which reminds us of Frances Bamfield and John James who were SDBs who were imprisoned for their faith. Jesus preached and lived a message of forgiveness showing the way for Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch woman and Holocaust survivor, to also preach and live a message of forgiveness. Stephen was a martyr for Christ in Jerusalem, and centuries later Jim Elliot was a martyr for Christ in South America.

Throughout the week we prepared crafts and music to share at two local nursing homes, Calvary Fellowship Homes and Mennonite Homes. The residents loved hearing the children and we were blessed to see our kids reach out to them with the love of Christ. Other day trips of the week included visits to the Skyline Pool and to the Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum. At the Landis Museum, the kids were able to learn some history in a hands-on, interactive setting while walking through preserved buildings, taking a wagon ride pulled by two large work horses, and tasting some favorite Pennsylvania Dutch treats like sticky buns and apple cider.

When working with kids, it’s always a blessing to hear the unexpected comments that come along. On one occasion as our bus was pulling out, a tiny yet polite Kindergarten voice said, “Excuse me Miss Bus Driver but don’t you think that was a little fast?” The kids weren’t the only ones who said some memorable things. According to inside sources, there were a few “Charlotte-isms” throughout the week as well. Here are a few:

“I have a face that no one forgets.”

“Does it LOOK like I play basketball?”

“If you see a pregnant lady, that’s my daughter-in-law.”

“You better eat your peas at lunchtime, kids. Save me some butter pecan ice cream.”

The Children’s Conference committee would like to thank everyone who taught or helped out during the week. We had a wonderful time and couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks also to Charlotte Chroniger who organized the curriculum, materials, staff, and program to provide a smooth and enjoyable week for our young SDBs. Our deepest thanks go to all of the parents and family members who shared your kids with us. They already know the steadfast greatness of our God. Let’s strive with them to remain steadfast in that truth.


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