Tell me about Sabbath!

Tell me about Sabbath!

Apr 27, 2015

Tell me about Sabbath!

We decided to ask children from some of our churches to tell us about the Sabbath. Unfortunately, there is not room to list all the many wonderful answers we received. We hope you enjoy reading what our kids have to say about Sabbath.


children silhouette

children silhouette


Our church is called Seventh Day Baptist…what does that mean?

Aidan: SDB means that we worship God on the Sabbath/seventh day.

Alex: we worship on the seventh day

Ben: they do a baptising every 7 days

Brynn: Seventh day of the week and we go to church the 7th day of the week.

Colleen: on the seventh day you rest in God and go to church

Eva: It means we worship on the seventh day.

Ezra: We are baptised on the 7th day.

Frank: It means that we go to church on the seventh day and go home and rest.

Genna: Churches are called Seventh Day Baptists because we go to church on

the seventh day of the week which is called Saturday.

Hunter: We praise on the seventh day, which is Saturday. And people get baptized.

Jaden: It means you get baptized there and every seven days you go to church.

Jonah: that we keep the sabbath holy

Josh: It means we worship on the seventh day (Saturday).

Julianna: It means we worship on the 7th day, and we believe the 7th day is Saterday.

Luke: it is open for chirch on the seventh day

Natalie: I think it has to do with the title. We go to Church on the seventh day

of the week. I’m pretty sure Baptists are people who think the Bible is true

and that we should be Baptized once we know Jesus. It’s a special part of

service where people are dunked in the serving pool. The pastor asks “are

you ready to accept Jesus as your savior?” and the person is dunked.

Ryan: that the day of babtist is on the 7 day of the week

Sawyer: we worship on the seventh day

Scott: We go to church on Saturday

Sean, Paige: I don’t know

Wesley: We are Baptists that worship on the 7th day of the week.

Zoe: That we worship on the seventh day


What does Sabbath mean?

Aidan: Sabbath means the day of rest.

Alex: 7th day of the week

Annelise: Saturday

Ben: It means learn about God

Brynn: Sabbath means it time to go to church

Colleen: seventh day

Eva: It means Holy Day and the day we rest.

Ezra: church service

Frank: it means the seventh day

Genna: Sabbath means Saturday.

Hunter: The day that we rest

Jaden: Saturday

What does Sabbath mean?

Jonah: rest

Josh: It means the holy seventh day

Julianna: It means the day we rest on, because God rested on the 7th day.

Lindsey: It’s a day you worship God.

Luke: worship Jesus on the seventh day

Paige: To go on a date

Ryan: a holy day

Sawyer: day of rest

Scott: The day that we rest or worship

Silas: It’s a day you rest from your work.

Wesley: the day of rest

Zoe: The Sabbath means the day of rest and worship

When did Saturday become a day to rest? Do you know what that means?

Aidan: It became the day of rest when God rested on the seventh day.

Annelise: When God rested, that was the seventh day

Ben: It became the day of rest because that was when God rested because he created

the world

Brynn: In the Bible times. We have the time off to praise the Lord at church and praise Him anytime we want.

Colleen: when God created the earth He rested; taking a rest from cleaning and

working and doing all that you do to rest in Him and talk about Him

and praise Him

Eva: When God finished making the world and He rested.

Ezra: when God was done creating the world

Frank: When God first created the world. And Yes. I know what it means.

Genna: Saturday became the day of rest when God created the earth, because

on the seventh day (Saturday) God rested when he was done creating the


Jonah: about 2,000 B.C.

Josh: Saturday was a day of rest first when God rested during creation. It

means we should follow him.

Julianna: When God rested on the 7th day, and the 7th day is Saterday.

Hunter, Sean: When God rested on the seventh day when He created the world

Paige: When mommy and daddy got married.

Ryan: When God rested on the 7 day.

Sawyer: during the creation

Silas: At creation. God worked six days and rested on the seventh.

Scott: On the seventh day of creation when God rested

Wesley: I don’t know

Zoe: Saturday first became the day of arest when God made the world.

Is there a rule that says everybody should rest?

Aidan: Yes, because in the Bible they have a story about Jesus breaking

the rule to save someone.

Annelise: There’s not a law, the police won’t send you to jail. But there is the

10 Commandments.

Alex, Brynn, JCB, Ryan: Yes

Colleen: no; not that I know of

Eva: Yes there is.

Ezra: Yes.

Frank: Yes on the ten commandments

Genna: Yes, there is a rule that says you should rest on the Sabbath.

Hunter: No

Jaden: Its in the commandments.

Josh: In the Bible, it says to rest on the Sabbath.

Julianna: Yes, but sometimes I work on the Sabbath when I have to, and in

the Bible there is a story about how people should work if they have to.

Luke: Probably

Paige: You have to a take a rest because you are tired.

Sawyer: yes and no

Scott: I think so

Sean: The 10 Commandments

Wesley: yes, because

Zoe: Yes its in the ten comaments because God was done creating the Earth.

Do you think your parents rest on Saturday?

Yes: Aidan (because they let themselves, my brothers and me not have

to do homework), Alex, Annelise, Colleen, Brynn, Ezra, Hunter, Jaden

(Yes, he does it alot.), Jonah, Josh, Lily (Yes. Daddy sleeps.), Luke,

Julianna (Yes, they have naps and sleep all afternoon!) Paige, Scott (Oh

yeah, they take big naps), Sawyer, Sean, Wesley, Zoe (they go out for

dinner with friends)

No: Ryan

Sometimes: Frank, Lindsey (Sometimes my parents rest on Sundays because

work only gives my daddy so many days off.) Eva (It depends. Sometimes

they do), Genna (some days we are busy)

Why is it important to rest?

Aidan: It’s important to rest because God said to do it and we all need a

day to rest and relax.

Alex: because God rested after his work

Annelise: Because all the other days you worked

Brynn: It’s important to relax and praise the Lord.

Colleen: all that you’ve taken to work, you need to take time to spend time

with God since you are usually busy doing errands and working

Eva: So you get energy for the week.

Ezra: So you dont over work your self

Frank: to sleep and read

Genna: It is important to rest because you need sleep.

Jaden: To worship the Lord.

Jonah, Hunter: because God rested

Josh: If you do not rest, you will become fatigued and will not be able to

function right.

Julianna: Because, well I’m not sure.

Maybe because God rested, but I’m not sure.

Lily: Because you get tired.

Lindsey: We shouldn’t rest for too long. Someone told me if you sit too long

that something bad will happen…

Luke: I won’t get cranky

Paige: So you can get healthy and strong.

Sawyer: to stay healthy

Scott, Sean: I don’t really know

Zoe: So you can be happy and enerjiced

What is the best thing about going to church?

Aidan: singing songs during worshipsand Sabbath School. P.S. David is a

good teacher.

Alex, Annelise: Learning about God.

Brynn: The best thing about going to church is to praise the Lord.

Colleen: to learn about God and listening to people asking for prayers

and praying for them

Frank: I pray and go home and rest.

Genna: The best part of going to church is worshiping God and seeing my friends.

Eva: We get to learn about Jesus and God.

Ezra: worshiping

Hunter: We get to praise God

Jaden: Going outside in spring.

Josh: Learning about God and being with fellow christians.

Julianna: I feel like I can be me, and be seen, like people actually care,

instead of being invisible.

Lily: Playing downstairs in the nursery.

Lindsey: The whole thing!

Luke: I get to see my friends

Natalie: I like it all.

Paige: Playing with somebody

Ryan, Scott: Sabbath School

Sawyer: learning about God

Sean: Snack time

Silas: Games!

Wesley: singing/worship

Zoe: The sermen is the best part of church

What is the worst thing about going to church?

Aidan: basement.

Alex: can’t sleep

Annelise: Sitting

Brynn: Nothing!

Colleen: having to sit down quietly

Eva: Nothing. Except the bats.

Ezra: sermon takes along time

Frank: you have to get dressed at 8:00 A.M.

Genna: I don’t like it when bats fly around during the church service.

Hunter: Miss out on things we could be doing at home.

Jaden: I like everything about church.

JCB: being bord

Josh: the length

Julianna: Sometimes I see people picking on each other, and it makes me

sad because church is suppost to be where people can be themselves.

Lily: I Like church.

Lindsey: I didn’t used to like standing up to sing during church. My legs got

really tired. But I’m used to it now.

Natalie: I used to dislike the sermon, but I’m trying to pay attention now.

Paige: I don’t like singing

Sawyer: the bats upstairs.

Scott: I’m not allowed to play with my Kindle until children’s message.

Sean: Waiting, not enough free time

Silas: The sermon… It’s SO LONG!

Wesley: leaving

Zoe: Its to early, and its to dark at some points.

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