SCSC: An Opportunity to Grow

SCSC: An Opportunity to Grow

By Katrina Goodrich


I have been privileged to be involved with the Summer Christian Service Corps (SCSC) program since a very young age. My mom was a project director (most summers that I can remember) and then she was on training staff. I participated four years as a student and two years as a project director. SCSC is a program I’ve participated in. It’s a program I believe in.

SCSC is a labor of love for the Women’s Society and Women’s Board because it changes lives. It changes not only the lives of people who are served by the students each summer but changes many of the students as well. Even though SCSC is a relatively short-term mission program, its goals are long term. SCSC is an opportunity to help develop leaders by giving them knowledge, skills, and experience. Once you’ve served, you know SCSC doesn’t end after four weeks of project.

SCSC starts well before project with an application process by both students and participating churches. Once all applications are accepted, there is a prayerful process by the SCSC Committee to put teams and projects together. Then the students complete pre-training assignments on different topics to help give them a base to grow and develop before the summer. Training is the week before project. It is an intense set of courses to help the students and project directors prepare for the projects. Next is the actual service part of the project. After the project ends, there are evaluations. Students attend Conference and then go back home — that’s where SCSC really begins.

Although it has summer in the name, SCSC is not just a summer affair — summer is just the beginning. It is a time to grow and develop skills through opportunities that may not be given otherwise. Once those skills and opportunities are gained, it becomes much easier to translate them back into your home life. How many pastors and teachers have begun their training in SCSC? I know quite a few of them. Sometimes the change is as small as gaining confidence in unfamiliar situations.

With that in mind, I encourage you to pray for this year’s teams — that they may receive even as they serve. Pray for them to open up, be poured out, and continue to develop as the leaders God intends them to be.


Ashaway, RI

Nadine Lawton, Project Director

Elisabeth Lawson – Colton, CA (1st yr)

Jonathan Lyons – Toronto, Canada (2nd yr)


Bay Area, CA

Rebecca and Lindsey Crouch,

Co-Project Directors

Rebekah Hargett – Metro Atlanta, GA (3rd yr)

Michaella Osborn – Boulder, CO (1st yr)

Karissa St. Clair – Milton, WI

(3rd yr – 1 yr in Stained Glass)


Janesville, WI

Nick Kersten, Project Director

Elianna Chroniger – Alfred Station, NY (1st yr)

Josiah Lynch – Toronto, Canada (2nd yr)


New Auburn, WI

Steve Shackleton, Project Director

Jayson Dailey – South East Atlanta, GA ( 1st yr)

Willy Villilpando – Colton, CA (3rd yr)


South East Atlanta, GA

Sharon Dailey, Project Director

Nathan Crowder – Boulder, CO

(5th yr – 1 yr in Stained Glass)

Bethany Rihn – New Auburn, WI (1st yr)


Stained Glass 2015

Hunter North – New Auburn, WI (1st yr)

Jennifer Brown – Texarkana, AR (2nd yr, 1 yr SCSC)

Devon Merz – New Auburn, WI (1st yr, 1 yr SCSC) Seth Osborn – Boulder, CO (1st yr, 1 yr SCSC)

Brandon Gumness – New Auburn, WI (1st yr)

Zach Floyd – Grand Rapids, WI (1st yr)

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