Meet the SDB Councils

Meet the SDB Councils

The book of Proverbs mentions more than once the wisdom of surrounding ourselves with people who will give us good advice and then considering that advice. One such verse is in Proverbs 11:14, “Where there is no guidance, the people fail, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.”

Following this model, our new denominational structure includes executives (or directors) and six elected councils aligned with the functional areas of the General Conference. The directors/executives are accountable to the General Council (and ultimately General Conference during its annual sessions). The council members are volunteers from local churches who help with planning and completion of tasks in addition to providing feedback and engaging other volunteers as needed.

Tract and Communication Council (TCC)

This 6-member group supports communication throughsocial media and website, Sabbath Recorder, Sabbath promotional items, and publishing books and tracts.

The current members are Johnmark Camenga (chair), Dave Alldredge, Jason Yost, Levi Bond, Renee Sanford, and Gretchen Zwiebel.

Council on Ministry (COM)

This 6-member group supports the seminary education program, Pastoral Accreditation, Pastor’s Conference, and Pastoral Search as well as the new areas of Church Development.

The current members are Gabe Graffius (chair), Patti Wethington, Matt Olson, Carl Greene, Steve Osborn, and Ericessen Cooper.

Christian Education Council (CEC)

This 5-member group supports education activities (previously covered by the Board of Christian Education before their recent merger): Pre-Con and Associated Conference Coordination, Helping Hand, as well as additional Christian Education items as they are identified.

The current members are Peggy Chroniger (chair), Paul Andries, Charlotte Chroniger, Omari Rhoden, and Bill Shobe.

Historical Society

This 7-member board focuses on planning, publicity, fundraising, preservation and communication of the history and heritage of Seventh Day Baptists.

Current board members are Janet Thorngate (president), Judy Parrish, Elizabeth Camenga, Helmer Umana, Sr., Timothy Lawton, Paul Green, and Brent Hannah.

Women’s Society:

This 19 member board of women serves in a variety of women’s ministries and directs the Summer Christian Service Corps (SCSC) and Stained Glass summer

ministries for young adults.

Current board members are Althea Rood (president), Deirdre Camenga, Madelyn Nehr, Margot Harris, Katrina Goodrich, Linda Lawton, Miriam Berg, Janet Butler, Peggy Chroniger, Marian van Dalen-Anderson, Karen Payne, Kris North, Darcy Ingram, Debbie Tank, Liz Green, Cindy Dubois, Jenni OsbornWangsness, Jessica Chroniger, and Stephanie Sholtz.

Missionary Society:

This executive committee governs and advises the SDB Missionary Society and SDB Missions Executive Director. Their activities focus on travel and support for international missions, but are also involved in selected local missions projects (e.g. 5K run at Conference, Stained Glass, financial support to field workers, etc.)

The current executive committee members are Dave Stall (president), Craig Mosher, Gabe Bejjani, Kathleen Hughes, Alicia Mosher, Mark Lewis, and LeRoy Burdick.

The General Council feels blessed to have such a team of dedicated and hard-working people on these councils. They are truly an asset as we work together to further God’s Kingdom.

In addition to the 6 Councils of elected volunteers aligned with the executives/directors, there are 5 other groups available for counsel and assistance: 3 standing committees, the Memorial Board, and a special task force described below.

Committee on Support and Retirement (COSAR)

This standing committee supports our serving and retired pastors through benefits programs.

Elected members are Eric Rudert (chair), Mark Lewis, and Earl Hibbard; appointed members are Jim Goodrich and John Pethtel.

Faith & Order Committee

This standing committee provides theological assistance to other groups as needed and perform the primary review for churches seeking membership in the SDB


Members are Andy Samuels (chair), Jim Skaggs,

Nick Kersten, Nathaniel Lawton, Ginny Burdick Evans, and Steve Crouch.

Committee on Social Action and Disaster Relief (CSADR)

This standing committee supports SDBs through administering the SDB United Relief Fund and by investigating social issues affecting SDBs.

Members are Paula Reynolds (chair), Daniel Lovelace, and Craig Mosher.

Memorial Board

This group manages and distributes investment funds for the Seventh Day Baptist denomination.

Members are George Cruzan (chair), Doug Mackintosh, Bill Probasco, Erin Burdick Inabnit, Jim Goodrich, Myron McPherson, Don Graffius, Ruth Reynolds, and Steve Rogers.

Church Planting Task Force (CPTF)

This special task force was established by General Council in late 2013 to focus on Church Planting and Development activities.

Members are Steve Osborn (chair), Chuck Meathrell, Patty Petersen, Greg Olson, and George Lawson.

How to contact General Council:

Email address to all of the General Council members:

Regular mail can be sent to:

Susie Fox, General Council Chair

1722 Taylor Station Road, Blacklick, OH 43004.

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