This Gives Me A Sad Feeling

This Gives Me A Sad Feeling

Dec 30, 2014

This Gives Me A Sad Feeling

— Luan Ellis,Alfred Station SDB Church, NY


As you may know, the Board of Christian Education is leaving Alfred Station, NY to be incorporated into the General Conference Office in Janesville, WI. This gives me a sad feeling — to see it leave this area. Since 1940 there has been a member of the Rev. Harley Sutton family serving on the Board in several different capacities. Rev. Sutton was a director who then became Executive Secretary. He served until 1949 when he was unable to continue because of his health. His wife, Madge Sutton, served for 30 years in several different offices.


Harley’s children: Lyle, Lola and Luan (me, for 24 years) have all served as Directors. Lola also was editor of the Beacon. Madge’s second husband, Donald VanHorn, purchased the building for the use of the Board as well as serving as a Director and Vice President. Harley’s grandchildren: Terry Ellis and Peggy Sutton Chroniger and Peggy’s husband, Rev. Ken Chroniger, have served as Directors. And now, great-granddaughter, Elianna Chroniger, is serving.


In 1960, I served as one of the first Youth Field Workers for the BCE and have been the Administrative Assistant since 2008. So, you can see why I am sad, knowing all this family history. The Sutton family has been committed to the influence the BCE has had over the young and old of this Denomination. I pray that God will be with those who will be helping to continue the important work of the Board of Christian Education.

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