by Executive Director, Rob Appel


By this point most of you have seen or heard of the changes that our Conference is going through. Over the past 15 months we have had three key people, in central positions, announce their intention to move onto other ministry opportunities. These announcements, given that they were so close together, caused some disconcerting feelings and even some comments among our people. My hope is, with this article, to help dispel some of these concerns and show we are moving forward with opportunity.


We are going through a lot of changes! Changes usually cause some uncomfortable reactions. People most generally do not welcome change. However, the changes that we are experiencing have allowed us to renovate some of what we have been doing. RENOVATE in this case means to: “restore, and strengthen, with action.”

It also allows us to influence, train, and equip our churches to help with church renewal and planting in North America.


The General Council saw the opportunity to explore ways we could renew our ministries and to revitalize our churches with these executive openings. Through

a very prayerful process, they examined programs, discussed ideas, brainstormed, and dreamed about the “what ifs.” They sought the vision from God of what a more preferable future could be for our Conference, and how that would impact our churches. Below you will find the basic results of the work of the General Council. I will elaborate more on these people, and the services they will provide, in the January SR.


Director of Church Development &

Pastoral Services — TBD

The Director of Church Development works with Churches, Pastors, and Associations in the capacity of: Church Planting/Revitalization Coordinator; the first contact with new acquaintances and inquiries; Pastoral Services; and Crisis Intervention.


Director of Communications — Jeremiah Owen

Communications come in many forms these days: from print, to texting, to Facebook, Twitter, email, phone, Skype, and video conferencing. It is easier than

ever before to get the Word out about the Gospel and what Seventh Day Baptists are doing in forwarding the Great Commission.


Director of Education & History — Nick Kersten

Just like communications, today’s education methods come in many formats. The SDB Education emphasis is focused on all age groups: those studying for the ministry through Seminary Education or Bible College, those in the T.I.M.E. Program, and Continuing Education for Pastors. There are programs and materials to encourage and equip Seventh Day Baptist Churches to teach evangelism, nurture, discipleship, history, and stewardship to their members.


Through our vast History as a people of faith, we will have a fuller understanding and appreciation of how and why, under God’s leading in the past, we have come to where we are now. We will be “Remembering our past to inform the present and envision the future.” To accomplish this we will: 1. Maintain a repository for safe-keeping of, and easy access to, significant artifacts, documents, writings, and other materials; 2. Provide for continuing research into the roots and history of

the Seventh Day Baptist Movement; 3. Interpret the significance of the past for the present, particularly as it relates to planning for the future; and 4. Communicate the history of Seventh Day Baptists through publications, creative use of all other media, and personal contacts and presentations.


Missions — SDB Missionary Society — Clint Brown

Spreading the Gospel in the United States, Canada, and around the world is the goal of the Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society. The Society carries out national and international missions through education, information, and suggestions for tangible assistance. These are stepping stones to becoming a beacon to others around the world. The purpose of the Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society is to coordinate and carry out both national and international ministries by carrying the message of salvation through faith in Christ to all who will hear, so they may accept Him as Savior.


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