Chimes Dedicated at Shiloh

Chimes Dedicated at Shiloh

Oct 1, 2014

Chimes Dedicated at Shiloh




On the steps of the connecting link between the Shiloh church and fellowship hall, members and friends dodged tiny rain droplets as we dedicated a new set of chimes destined to ring through the community. Nancy Davis, from the church’s Memorial Fund Committee, welcomed those present by reading Psalm 150, which begins and ends with “Praise……..the Lord.”


Clara Mulford directed six of our children in an acrostic “C-H-I-M-E-S” with each of them holding a cardboard letter and proclaiming that “Our Community will Hear Inspirational Messages Every day in Song with our new chimes.” The rest of our children

(13 altogether) joined them in singing “Hear the Chimes” with Miriam Richardson accompanying them on the keyboard. The children then rang hand bells.


Tyler Chroniger, newly proclaimed “Chime Master,” explained how the new chimes work (by computer, of course). He further stated that they will ring out at noon and at 6:00 p.m. each day to remind the community that God is still alive in Shiloh.


Owen Probasco read his original poem, “Chimes”.           Conference President Bill Probasco thanked the families of the following loved ones for allowing donations in their memory to be used for this purpose:

Elizabeth and Charlotte Lupton; Sarah Nieukirk; Don, Frances and John Probasco; Robert Vanderslice, George Johnson; Joey McDermontt; Mildred Corona; and Joel Uhland.


Then the congregation—indeed, the whole community—was blessed by the debut of the new chimes on “Amazing Grace” followed by “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”. Then Pastor Don Chroniger closed the service with prayer.


  • Donna S. Bond, Correspondent




We dedicate these chimes to God with pure devoted love.

The marvelous music they create resounds from Heav’n above.

The Angels must have blessed them, their melodies are pure.

And none can doubt their message as they open Heaven’s door.

Praise God for all their beauty—and soft melodious sounds.

A tiny taste of Glory—where the love of God abounds.

The music of the ages, the haunting joyous chimes

Speak now of Heaven’s Glory, and of life’s future times.

We love the sound of music, we share the love of song;

And know life’s greatest harmonies unto the Lord belong.

So now we ask to bless them, that they might come to be

A nother source of worship and honor, Lord, to Thee!

— Owen Probasco

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