Committing the Word to memory

Committing the Word to memory

by Andrew J. Camenga


Part of obeying all that Christ commanded is remembering what He said and what He valued. Seventh Day Baptists encourage this part of discipleship by memorizing Scripture together.

The Board of Christian Education has strengthened that impulse with the annual Scripture Memory program. Since the program began, more than 1,900 people from 68 churches have participated.


Mary G. Clare

Scripture Memory Bowl

We grant the Mary G. Clare Scripture Memorization Award each year to the SDB church with the most participants. This seven-inch silver plate bowl is held by the winning church for the year and then passed to the winner. Since the program began 1981, 12 different churches have won the award.



2013     Toronto, ON

2012     Alfred Station, NY

2011     Boulder, CO

2010     Toronto, ON

2009    Toronto, ON

2008    Toronto, ON

2007    Toronto, ON &

Milton, WI

2006    Toronto, ON

2005    Toronto, ON

2004    Milton, WI

2003    Shiloh, NJ

2002    New York City, NY

2001     New York City, NY

2000    New York City, NY &

Toronto, ON

1999     New York City, NY

1998     Seattle, WA

1997     Toronto, ON

1996     Toronto, ON

1995     Verona, NY

1994     Lost Creek, WV

1993     Lost Creek, WV

1992     Lost Creek, WV

1991     Lost Creek, WV

1990     Lost Creek, WV

1989     Lost Creek, WV

1988     Richburg, NY

1987     Lost Creek, WV

1986     no program

1985     Seattle, WA

1984     no award

1983     Riverside, CA

1982     Riverside, CA

1981     Dodge Center, MN


In 2002, recognizing that smaller churches might never have the chance to win the Scripture Memory Bowl, the Board instituted the Scripture Memory Honor Roll to recognize churches with an amazing participation rate in the program. Churches are placed on the Honor Roll when their participation rate exceeds 50% of their average worship attendance. Six churches have attained the honor roll in at least one year.


Bell Seventh Day Baptist Church,

Salemville, PA


Middle Island,

New Milton, WV


Middle Island,

New Milton, WV


All Nations,

Gardena, CA

Middle Island,

New Milton, WV


All Nations,

Gardena, CA

Metro Atlanta,

Hiram, GA

Middle Island,

New Milton, WV


Vision Christian Fellowship,

Westerly, RI

Central SDB Church,

Mitchellville, MD

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