About a Rev named Kev

About a Rev named Kev

Jun 24, 2014

About a Rev named Kev



My adult (?) children got together (collaborated, conspired) by e-mail and Facebook to generate this wild tribute to their Old Man. Janet, honey, what have we created?? My guess is some grateful and creative and funny kids. Thanks, guys and gals!—Editor



11 Butlers early 89 CLR replace



Hey Pappy!


Here’s what your family came up with for a page to honor YOU!

[Sing it to the tune of “The Beverly Hillbillies”]:


Come and listen to a story about a Rev named Kev

Once a seminarian, barely kept his family fed

Then one day he became a millionaire—

Okay, not quite; he became an editaire


An editor that is, of The Sabbath Recorder…


He would mark it up with red from the cover to the back

Fixin’ all the errors while he wore his fanny pack

Gatherin’ all the features from ’round the country

He sure grieved the loss of the Hostess bakery!


(No more snacks right next door, that is.)


We’d go visit Dad in his organized messes

From the creepy basement borrow Christian VHS’s

Lighthouses all around and the smell of fresh coffee

Raid “Matt and Jax snacks” while we worked for free


(Stuffing so many envelopes for a pizza lunch)


He would pack up his bags and fly to parts unknown

Meeting up with committees, he was rarely alone—

To Denver, Seattle, all across the U-S-A

Then to Nortonville, and Atlanta of G-A


12 Butler family 2013


Mighty big thanks to all those SR Committee folks!


He drafted up a page, spelling corner with a “K”

Divulgin’ family matters nearly ev’ry other day

Shipped around the world so that everybody’d know

The SDB magazine with the sweet logo…


(“S.R.” that is…)


Twenty-five long years of a monthly deadline

May have messed with his mind, but not his hairline

He’s shown to his family what commitment truly is

His kids’ big events? No, he never did miss


(He’s a pretty great grand-pappy, too)


And now for Rev Kev a new adventure awaits

God’s blessings on him flow down from heaven’s gates

Twenty-five long years of serving the Lord!

Whatever you do next, we hope you won’t be bored!”


“Bored silly, that is. Set a spell, take your shoes off. You know you’re loved now, ya hear?”



Love you, Pops!

Jenny and Greg, Crystal, Matt and Danielle, and Jackson

With the blessing of Momma Janet

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