SCSC 50 Years Later: A Growing Investment

SCSC 50 Years Later: A Growing Investment

by Katrina Goodrich



This year Summer Christian Service Corps—a program set up and sponsored by the SDB Women’s Board—is celebrating 50 years of service to the denomination.

For 50 years we’ve been sending out young adults to the four corners of the country (and on occasion outside of the country) to serve churches and their communities through service projects, camps, Bible study, and much more!

SCSC is different from most short-term missions, in that its goals are not really short term. There is focus on the summer project, but SCSC does not end with its cessation. Project is merely the beginning. The long-term goal of the program is to help develop young Christian leaders—to equip them with the tools, knowledge, and experience working as a member of the body of Christ.

Starting in February, after their acceptance into the program, students are expected to complete several pre-training assignments to help prepare them for project. June 12-20 is training: an intensive eight days of preparation, including seminars on ways to lead a Bible study, music, and games. Every day there is Bible teaching and class on topics from working with children in ministry to studying different spiritual disciplines and sharing the Gospel.

After training they are sent out to project (June 21-August 3) to use their developing skills. However, August 3 is not the end. Students are expected to take what SCSC has taught and use it, continuing to grow wherever they are.

In recent years, the Women’s Board has added a rather unique summer project called Stained Glass. Members of this project come together as musicians to create a traveling project, performing concerts and spreading the Gospel through music. This year we are also supporting a team of SCSC veterans who will serve internationally in Jamaica, June 26-July 21!

It is a pleasure to formally announce these teams:



Colorado Springs, CO PD Linda Harris

Joshua Lyons* Toronto, ON

Willy Villalpando+ Colton, CA


Colton, CA PD Matthew Lawson

Caleb Gammons+ Texarkana, AR

Terrance Lewis* Toronto, ON

Seth Osborn* Boulder, CO


Seattle, WA PD Dave Alldredge

Rebekah Hargett+ Atlanta, GA

Jonathan Lyons* Toronto, ON


Shiloh, NJ PDs Lauren DuBois, Jennifer Chroniger

Tacy Camenga+ Milton, WI

Josiah Lynch* Toronto, ON


Stained Glass PD TBA

Nathan Crowder+ Boulder, CO

Jennifer Brown^ Ashaway, RI

Khalen Green* Dodge Center, MN

Logan LaGesse^ New Auburn, WI

Gabriela Alonzo+ Falls Church, VA

Tim Lawon+ Ashaway, RI

Karissa St. Clair^ Milton, WI


SCSC Jamaica

Lindsay Crouch+ Bay Area, CA

Lauren Telford+ Texarkana, AR

Cheyane Blevins+ Milton, WI

Elizabeth Camenga+ Milton, WI



PD = Project Director

* = Rookie

+ = Veteran

^ = Rookie SG Member, but Veteran SCSC

Please be in prayer for the students and staff involved in these programs leading up to and through their projects this summer and beyond.


If you are looking for a more tangible way to support the Summer Christian Service Corps program, the SCSC Craft Table at General Conference is an excellent opportunity. We’ve sold homemade greeting cards, jewelry, crochet/knitted items, purses/tote bags, table runners, etc., and are always open to more variety. Not crafty? That’s okay, you don’t have to be the pintrest queen; maybe you know someone who is or maybe you just really like to shop. Either way, we would be blessed if every church would send a items for the craft table. All proceeds benefit the SCSC program.



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