The Path to Freedom

The Path to Freedom

Feb 21, 2014

The Path to Freedom

by Lauren Telford


11 YA Path CLR


It was a day like every other, nothing different, no surprise—

I was walking down my daily path when something caught my eyes.

Something new lie there before me with a deep, enticing glow.

My mind and heart quite taken, but the Spirit inside said, “No.”

So I turned away, left it behind, and walked into the light;

I didn’t pay much thought to it, at least until that night.

The Spirit inside me said once more, “Stay away! This is serious.”

But the way it glowed, and the way I felt—I couldn’t help be curious.

I arose and returned to where I found it and hoped I’d have a chance

to learn much more about it, or at least a second glance.

There it sat as it had before, tempting, mysterious, and new,

then it suavely said, “My name is Habit. I’ve been expecting you…”

My spirit pleaded, “Run! It’s not too late to heal your mind and heart.”

That’s when Habit took my hand and led me through the dark.

He led me through his corridors and said, “You need not fear,

for I have everything you need. You’ll always belong here.”

I’d needed somewhere to belong, as things had gone awry,

and I couldn’t get my life together, no matter how I tried.

Habit and I got along quite well, that is, ’til something changed.

His alluring smell had gone sour, and his glow began to fade.

His promises came with a price, which constantly increased;

the rewards no longer satisfied and ultimately ceased.

“I wish I’d never known you, Habit!” I cried within my heart.

On the outside, everything the same, but my mind was torn apart.

Anywhere I’d run and hide, old Habit would be there, too.

When I reached my breaking point, I screamed, “I am so done with you!”

But whenever I’d buy into him, he’d continually grow—

that habit from whom I tried to escape had gotten out of control.

I hated this habit. I hated myself. I finally reached desperation.

Then I recalled what I’d learned about fleeing far from temptation.

Fighting alone a habit so strong had only brought defeat;

from the depths of my spirit, mind, and heart I cried out, “God, help me!”

That was all I could say through the tears of shame, which from my face flowed down,

but that was enough, and Praise His Name! All that was lost now was found.

He held me close in His arms of redemption and said, “My grace is enough.

No height, depth, not even this habit, could keep you from my love.”

I wish I could say that Habit was dead, and I never stumbled again.

However, by the grace of God, I’m not a slave to my sin.

Although I still struggle and falter and fail, I’m anything but poor.

Hallelujah! I’m richly blessed and freed! All praise be to the Lord!

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