Continuing Ed for pastors

Continuing Ed for pastors

Feb 21, 2014

Continuing Ed for pastors

A chance for Re-Tooling… Recharging your Batteries…

Rubbing shoulders with others…

by Gordon Lawton


Did you know that there is assistance for an SDB pastor to have formal learning experiences every year? As a pastor you can say, “God is unchanging and the canon of the Bible is fixed,” and be heard to say, “I don’t need to learn new stuff.”

I doubt that is what you would be meaning. The pastoral ministry covers so many areas that most pastors are generalists and not able to focus on only one aspect of ministry.

Sharpening Bible skills, learning techniques of helping others face issues and grow, thinking about church growth and applying it in the home church are all important. This sharpening can occur as we read books, watch videos, have discussions with other pastors, and as we attend classes (on-line and otherwise) or seminars.

Pastor, if there is a seminar or on-line course that you have been considering, you may qualify for up to $300 a year to help with the cost of that class and required books. Although the Center on Ministry no longer has a budget line for pastors’ continuing education, we do have some funds thanks to the generosity of the children of Rev. Earl and Mabel Cruzan.


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For more information go to the Center on Ministry website: When there, hover over the “Pastoral Services” drop-down menu with your cursor, then “To Pastors”, then “In- Service Education”, and then click on “Continuing Education.” On the next page, click on “Continuing Education” and the description will appear. At the bottom of that page click one more time for the “Continuing Education Request Form.”

On your way to the Continuing Education page you might have noticed that there was other information here. Take some time to look around and see what COM and COSAR have to offer. (A navigation hint: When you click on “Back to top” you will have to scroll up just a little to find the button bar and the actual top of the page).

You may know the seminar that you want to attend. However you may want a seminar on (you pick the topic) but don’t know of one. Give me a call. I might know of one, or we can look for one together.

Sometimes we just can’t get away for a seminar. But do not despair. There are respectable learning opportunities available online; some of them at no cost. I would be happy to speak with you about these. Just call me at the SDB Center (608-752-5055). I hope to hear from some of you this year.

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