Stepping Out With Options

Stepping out—with options

by Nadine Lawton


Journey with me! Spend time with me! How many times does the Lord ask someone in the Bible to do just that? He asked Abraham to take a journey of faith, more than once! The Israelites took a 40-year journey through the wilderness.  And Jesus asked twelve men to take the journey of a lifetime.

At Conference in Colorado Springs last summer, the Women’s Interest Committee asked me to continue on a journey for five more years. That journey is coordinating the “Stepping Out in Faith” fundraiser to increase the Dorotha Shettel Fund.

The Dorotha Shettel Fund was started to help our young adults—those who minister through Summer Christian Service Corps and Stained Glass—with expenses for Pre-Con and Conference. In past years some SCSCSers have had to return home after evaluation, because they could not afford to stay for Pre-Con and Conference. It is difficult for those young servants to go home and miss this capstone experience.

The last two years of Stepping Out in Faith, we have asked you to keep track of your steps that you take during Lent and get pledges to raise the funds for our project. However, in the spirit of the summer projects and our individual journeys with the Lord which are all different, instead of asking you to lace up your shoes and logging your steps or mileage, this year let the Lord lead you as to where He wants you to take a step of faith.

Perhaps He will challenge you to read more books during this time. Or volunteer hours helping others. Maybe He wants you to complete that goal you set as a New Year’s resolution and this is your second chance to meet that goal!

I’ll pledge $1 for every 15 minutes I spend de-cluttering. If you are a Sabbath School teacher, you might offer to donate a dollar for every Scripture Memorization verse your students memorize! Or maybe the Lord just wants you to make a donation to the Dorotha Shettel Fund.

Before His earthly ministry began, Jesus took 40 days to spend time with His Father, to prepare for that ministry. He took other time out during His three years on earth to spend time with the Father and be refreshed for that journey.

As in previous years, our journey will be during the Lenten season, which represents Jesus’ time in the wilderness. This year it will be March 5 through April 20. Before we step out on this journey of faith, please spend time with the Father to find out what kind of journey He wants you to take.

The Women’s Board has agreed to match our efforts up to $2,000! Should we limit ourselves (or God) to that number? Can we raise enough so that the matching amount would make the total $10,000? I know my God is big enough to help us step out in faith to reach the goal that He has in mind for this fundraiser.

More information and fundraising forms will be posted on the “Stepping Out in Faith” event page on Facebook. A mailing will also be sent to each of the churches, so if you are not a computer person who wants to participate, ask your pastor to pass the information on to you. Please send donations for the Dorotha Shettel Fund to the Women’s Board at the SDB Center, PO Box 1678, Janesville WI 53547-1678. Donations may be sent at any time.

       Let’s show our young adults that we support their willingness to faithfully step out of their comfort zone as they serve the Lord through the summer. “…and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8b)

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