Choose… To Refuse!

Choose… To Refuse!

by Rev. Steven James


As a new year gets underway, perhaps we can learn some pointers from the life of Moses! Let’s look at God’s Word in Hebrews 11:23-28.


Refuse to Fear Man – Choose to Fear God

Moses was born in a time when a ruthless man wanted all children like Moses to be killed right out of the womb. Moses’ parents chose to fear the One Who truly is God over the one who thought he was a god. History was made and a nation changed.

The Bible encourages us to not fear man but to obey God above all else. The effects of our choices will ripple for decades. Are we willing to follow God fully?


Refuse Prestige – Choose Poverty

When Moses connected the dots as to where he came from and God connected the dots for him as to where He would have him to go, he chose to let go of what he could have for what he should have. He decided to embrace God’s purpose, God’s people and God’s promise as the core of his life, rather than what Egypt had to offer.

Likewise, Jesus left His Father’s throne and became poor that we might be made rich in His grace.

We may be called upon by God to leave our positions for His purposes, even if that results in “poverty” in some way. Are we willing to do this?


Refuse Pleasure – Choose Pain

Following God isn’t a walk in the park. To truly follow Jesus means to die to ourselves, take up our cross and walk in His steps.

This is especially true when it comes to sin, which is our desire to put ourselves and our wants above God and what He wants. To refuse ourselves and choose God can be painful at times, but the temporary pleasure or comfort of choosing ourselves first will end up hurting us and others at the last.

The phrase, “no pain – no gain” is very true in this regard. Moses’ example challenges us to look at the big picture—the “reward” of being reproached for Christ—more than we look to the “riches” of a selfish life. Are we willing to get “hurt” for the sake of heaven?


Refuse to Focus – Choose to Forsake

Moses decided to not put his focus on Pharaoh (his treasures or his threats), choosing to forsake it all to focus on the One Whom he couldn’t see.

Before Moses ever left Egypt physically, he left it in his soul and spirit, thus freeing him to fully follow God, no matter what. To follow God involves endurance, as if running a marathon, which necessitates keeping our eyes on the prize: Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

Is your focus on Jesus and whatever His plans for you are? Are you willing to forsake the “Egypts” of your heart and focus fully on God? What you choose to stare at, you will ultimately steer towards. Where are your “eyes” this year?


Refuse Our Own Power – Choose God’s Passover

When faced with certain death, Moses refused to trust in his own power for protection. He threw himself upon God’s provision—that of the blood of a lamb—to save himself and his family.

The same is true for me and you. We must trust in the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, Whom the Bible calls our “Passover,” for the salvation of our very lives—both here and now and on into eternity. Have you chosen to receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord?


The Choice is Yours

As a result of Moses and his parents choosing to “refuse” on numerous occasions, God’s purposes and promises were experienced by God’s people. They were able to leave their Egypt behind, pass through huge barriers and ultimately enter into what God had waiting for them.

What is God calling you to choose to refuse in 2014, that you may enter into all that He has waiting for you? What will your choice be?

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