Experiencing Pure Joy at Conference

Experiencing Pure Joy at Conference

Sep 23, 2013

Experiencing Pure Joy at Conference

by Adella Latus

Adella Latus, from Palm Coast, Fla., finally fulfilled a life-long dream and attended her first SDB Conference this year. Let’s sneak a peek at her diary entry…


Dear Diary,


Well, my goodness!! Wait until you hear what I just experienced!

I am SO GLAD that I decided to attend the SDB Conference in Colorado Springs. I only had to wait 66 years for this to happen!

You’re aware that my mother (of the Randolph-Carpenter families) stopped going to Conference in 1940 after her father—Curtis F. Randolph—passed away. I wasn’t born until 1947, and since then I have only “heard” about Conference. I always had a secret desire to go, but life always got in the way!

Well, this time, I had the freedom to go—and I WENT!! I was able to see my Alfred University freshman roommate, Kathy Hughes, and Althea Rood (whose fabulous notes got me through my Religion course), and Jeanne Yurke, whom I adore and came to know through Chaplain Pat Bancroft.

There were some wonderful speakers and I got to meet lots of people I had only heard or read about—as well as seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

Besides that, I was able to realize a dream of mine. My Dad had his training in the Army Air Corps in Boulder, Colorado, before being sent to Guam in WWII. My mother went to join him and lived in Greely. I would finally get to see where they lived at this critical time in their lives in 1943.

So, back to the Conference… WOW! That Host Committee did an outstanding job!! Their great organization was a constant throughout the week, in every aspect! I know there were some anxious moments behind the scenes, but to the outside observer they were simply not evident. It’s so important for me to say THANK YOU to everyone who made the week appear to be such seamless perfection!

I was blessed beyond words to be brought up knowing so many precious souls in Alfred, N.Y., and how they shaped my young years with countless, happy memories. I wanted to pay tribute to them, as well as my grandfather, Curtis F. Randolph, who was recording secretary of Conference for a number of years. (Remember me telling you how I was baptized at the Alfred SDB Church in 1959, at age 12? I still belong there, and wish that church would undergo a rebirth!)

Now I finally know what these people—and thousands more—experienced in every part of this great country of ours. I believe that I was granted one of the best times ever in Colorado, thanks to the devotion of those who poured their time, money and talents into an extraordinary, unforgettable experience—to the glory of our God, and of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I thank the outstanding speakers, the choir, the technical crew, and the ever-present Registrar, Jan. Oh, and I can’t forget the gal who can sell anything: Gretchen Zwiebel. By the way, Diary, I had heard the name “Zwiebel” all my life, and I finally got to meet one! She gave me permission to christen her with the nickname, “GeeZee”! I realize it’s just her initials, but when said together, they make you smile! And that gal made me smile every time I saw her. So let’s call Gretchen “GeeZee” from now on, because she really likes it! Thanks!

Then there were these two tall guys who were also “ever-present.” One, I learned, was the President of the Conference, and the other apparently is the Executive Director of the SDBs in USA and Canada! One, or both were, like “hovering” and holding their breath—to pull all the strings together! Talk about focused!

And then there was this guy with a camera. Oh my goodness!! You couldn’t open your eyes without seeing him snapping multiple photos—everywhere! I kept wondering where he was going to house all those pictures. And his patient wife! What a dear! She probably had no idea where he was since he had to be everywhere at once! His name was “Kevin”-something or other…

I was completely worn out watching these guys! And then there was this man who was responsible for keeping all 500 of us in line! Someone should hire him as a terrific disciplinarian! He knew how to reprimand us with kid gloves! I hope he is a father and teacher, because he knows how to handle kids—of all ages. Come to think of it, he was tall, too!

Well, Diary, I know I left out a lot. I wish I could give you every detail. But you must feel stuffed. Please forgive my ineptitude—I am, after all, over 65! I’m not expected to be perfect anymore—THANK YOU, GOD! And thank You, God, for this very special time in such a beautiful setting.

Even though I already know that I can’t attend Conference next year, I shall pray that the Committee will be granted the strength and resolve to equal the boundless effort and determination that made this 2013 gathering such an overwhelming success!

I shall retain the memories of this awesome week as long as God allows. Thanks for listening, dear Diary.


(Please ask Kathy Hughes to mass-produce  her pickles! As my name implies, I am at a loss to live without them!)

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