Forward In HIS Footsteps Conference Recap

Forward In HIS Footsteps Conference Recap

Aug 26, 2013

The last time Seventh Day Baptists met for Conference in Colorado was back in 1980. If this year’s gathering was any indication of how well Conference can be run in that thin air, I’ve got a feeling we’ll be voting to return soon. (Although we might want to give the hard-working and excellent Host Committee a few years to recover. Hats off to Pastor Steve Osborn and crew!)

As President Ralph Mackintosh wrote before the event, “My prayer for the week is that we are inspired by the music we hear, the messages that are delivered and the experiences we share. Corporate worship should motivate us to action. I also pray that everyone will seek out new knowledge, skills, or insights that can be applied to their daily lives and ministries. And finally the week should be one of fun and enjoyment with brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Ralph, may I say that the week was ALL that and more! The guest speakers and entertainers were awesome and our home-grown talent was stellar. We gleaned much from the seminars, ate much at the cozy cafeteria, cried much at the Stained Glass reunion, and were blessed much just being together.

This was a Conference for the ages—As memorable as the stunning scenery. May it truly be a turning point for us as a people as we Follow in His Footsteps.


Forward in HIS Footsteps

University of Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO

July 28–August 3, 2013

President Ralph Mackintosh



•520 registered guests

•223 delegates representing 53 churches

•44 ministers/pastors present

•11 official visitors

•6 students preparing for ministry

•2 T.I.M.E. students

•63 at Associated Conferences and with 10 in the nursery

•19 at Youth Pre-Con, directed by Paul Andries with 7 staff

•25 at Young Adult, directed by Johnmark Camenga with 4 staff



•President 2013-2014: Steven James, Verona, NY

•President-elect: Bill Probasco, Shiloh, NJ

•General Council: Dale Thorngate

•Council on Ministry: Gabe Graffius, Patti Wethington

•Faith and Order: Virginia Burdick, Steven Crouch

•Committee on Support and Retirement: Eric Rudert

•Tract and Communication Council: Gretchen Zwiebel, Johnmark Camenga

•Memorial Fund Trustees: Don Graffius, Ruth Reynolds, Stephen Rogers

•Christian Social Action and Disaster Relief: Daniel Lovelace

•Business Recording Secretary: Katy Bofinger



•Women’s Board Robe of Achievement: Linda Van Horn Camenga, Kissimmee, FL

•Sabbath School Teacher of the Year: Kurt Berg, Riverside, CA

•Mary G. Clare Scripture Memorization Bowl: Toronto, ON, Canada


Nominations Committee 2014

Former President: Ralph Mackintosh (CA)

Former General Council: Andy Samuels (FL)

Former Nominations Comm.: Shay Rankhorn (TN)

Eight additional members:

Stephanie Sholtz (MN)

Eric Inabnit (WA)

Nadine Lawton (RI)

Jacqueline Alonzo (VA)

Dawn Richards (AR)

Jim Goodrich (NE)

Jessica Chroniger (NJ)

Paula Reynolds (ONT)


Aaron Andries (DC)

David Fox (GA)


SDB Women’s Board

President: Althea Rood

Vice President: Deirdre Camenga

Recording Secretary: Madelyn Neher

Treasurer: Margot Harris

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