2013 Robe Goes To Humble Servent

We are pleased to announce that Linda Van Horn Camenga is our choice as recipient of the Women’s Board Robe of Achievement for 2013.

Linda was born in West Virginia to Pastor Delmer and Rowena Van Horn. She counts herself blessed knowing that she was saved at a very early age due to Christian parents who taught her to love and serve God with her whole heart. Delmer and Rowena were wonderful role models and helped her develop a true servant’s heart. She was brought up to find the need and make sure it was taken care of. Linda graduated from high school while her father served the Adam Center, N.Y. church.

During her time at Salem College she followed her heart and married Pastor John Camenga 47 years ago, knowing she would continue to be in God’s service with this life choice. While she did not complete her degree in Music Education she later completed her training and was certified in Early Childhood Education. Linda and Pastor John were blessed with four children; Andrew, Faith, Grace and Johnmark. They, along with their spouses Kristin, Mark, Rick and Cathy have blessed them with 13 grandchildren. These are not the only things that make Linda so deserving of this award.

Following her husband to the churches he was called to serve, she helped fill the holes she found. These churches include Salemville, Pa.; Dodge Center, Minn.; Little Rock, Ark.; Blountville Tenn.; Shiloh, N.J.; Daytona Beach, Fla.; and Brisbane, Australia. She is currently a member of the Kissimmee, Fla., church. Whether changing diapers, teaching Sabbath School, leading and planning VBS, directing choir, playing the piano or organ or serving as a deaconess she tackled each task with a desire to make sure her Lord and Savior was glorified.

One of the first ways Linda served the denomination was by regularly contributing to the Sabbath Recorder writing and illustrating the Children’s page with Racco Raccoon and friends.

The Women’s Board moved to Daytona Beach while she and Pastor John were serving that church. Linda was very involved with the Board move from Shiloh and worked hard to make the transition go smoothly. She was glad to be involved with SCSC, serving as the chairman of that committee. She also served as vice president of the Women’s Board.

Linda had a vision of changing the SCSC program to a more educational focus and has a real heart for the young adults of our denomination. It was during her time working with SCSC that she came in contact with some young adults in Australia. She encouraged their involvement and even set up an exchange program for U.S. young adults to go to Australia and serve in an SCSC project “down under.”

Linda has worked in a hospital, as a foster mom, played piano/organ for community churches, taught in children’s centers, ran a child care center in her home, and has worked in a Dollar General. She has always worked very hard to help provide for her family and did this along with meeting all the expectations that come with being a pastor’s wife.

As of now, she continues to face chronic health issues. These issues do not allow her to be as active as she would like to be and prevented her from coming to Conference to receive this award in person. However, she continues to serve in the Kissimmee SDB church where the youth and young adults have sought her out to mentor and encourage them. She and Pastor John also provide breakfast for the church on a weekly basis—even though they travel over an hour to get to the church. They have also opened their home to the whole church on Sabbaths when they cannot use their current facilities and they hosted a church retreat this spring.

Linda’s faith and humble servant’s heart has impacted her family, the churches she has been a part of, and the communities she has lived in. Linda, however, has never sought attention or credit for her work. Her hope is that her service would further God’s Kingdom and draw people to a saving knowledge of Christ.

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