What’s that funny feeling?

What’s that funny feeling?

Jun 24, 2013

What’s that funny feeling?

by Elianna Chroniger


Our Bible study group at school has been trying out some new tactics as the school year comes to an end. We have done lessons from devotional books. We’ve opened to random passages from the Bible and just read to see where the Spirit would lead us. More recently we decided to bless doorways with anointing oil.

The first Thursday was a smashing success. We arrived at school at 7:15 in the morning and met in our chemistry teacher’s room. We then took a moment to pray with each other before heading out.


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As we left the room and walked down the stairs I felt something bubble inside me. I passed it off as nothing important and we continued our walk to the door that every child passes through when getting off the bus. We took the oil and blessed the doorway. A friend of mine prayed for all who would walk through the doors. That funny feeling came once again and I paid little attention to it.

We walked to the cafeteria next. We blessed the doors and this time I was asked to pray. I honestly can’t tell you what I said, but I can tell you the whole time I was overwhelmed by that feeling in my stomach. I thought maybe I hadn’t eaten enough for breakfast or I was just feeling sick.

We proceeded finally to the main doors of the school. The three of us blessed the doors and we all prayed. While we prayed we heard teachers going by and even heard some stop in confusion, but we kept on praying. I once again felt the little bubble feeling and continued to pass it off. Once we had finished with the main door we all went our separate ways and I didn’t think much about the feeling I had had. Not that day at least.

The next day I was greeted by some friends who said they had felt different the day before. They said they felt happier and more at peace. I felt the feeling in the pit of my stomach and thought to myself, “Oh no! Not again.”

I moved on with my day and continued to hear people say things like, “Yesterday was weird.” Or, “I was in such a good mood yesterday.” My mind was boggled! I couldn’t believe that our praying and blessing could have had such a great impact on so many people who had no clue what was going on.

The most amazing part of that “day after” happened at about 2:10 in the afternoon. I was on my way to my Global Studies class when a teacher pulled me aside. This English teacher had seen us blessing doorways the day before.

She said to me, “Elianna, next time you bless doorways would you do me the honor of blessing mine as well?” I answered so enthusiastically that she was a little stunned. The fact that one teacher recognized the blessings God could bestow on her made me feel that feeling one more time.

By this time I realized the feeling was not lack of food, a stomach ache or any other worldly thing. This feeling was the Holy Spirit telling me that I was doing something right. I finally understood what it meant to be touched by the spirit and I can say it is a wonderful thing.

I want to challenge you, wherever you are, to strive to feel the Spirit. It is the biggest blessing I’ve ever received.

I challenge you, young or old, to reach out and bless someone else. Use the talents God has given you to help someone else feel the Spirit. Share the joy you feel when you are in the presence of the Spirit with everyone you meet.

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