Here I am – An Introduction

Here I am – An Introduction

Apr 24, 2013

Here I am – An Introduction

by Garfield Miller


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“Dear Pastor Garfield Miller—Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus! I am writing with some good news. On behalf of the SDB Missionary Society Board of Managers, I would like to offer you the position as Missions Coordinator…”

I was being called to a more challenging service. “Here I Am,” a favorite song of mine by Morris Chapman, permeated my thoughts. “Here I am and I long to do your will, Here I am I’ll follow your command, Here I am until my calling is fulfilled, Here I am, Here I am…”

Past Preparation – I developed resilience and tenacity growing up in less than desirable circumstances as God’s mercies kept me. After getting married, my wife (Diane) and I pledged to start attending church. Truthfully I had no such intention, especially since the church of choice was a Sabbathkeeping church.

Miraculously though, after just one visit to Greater Portmore SDB, Jamaica, I was convicted of Christ and was baptized August 1999. A few years later, after working with an engineering company for 13 years, I was in the third year toward my engineering degree when God placed it upon Diane’s heart for me to leave engineering. I did and was labeled crazy. God called! Where to? I had no idea.

I then went to seminary and was installed as a pastor by the Jamaican Conference in 2008. I couldn’t believe it! From a sinner to a servant of Christ, I was delving into the Lord’s work while singing… “Gladly will I bow down as your servant, Gladly will I wait for your command, I commit my trust to you for you deserve it, I delight within the guidance of your hand.” Then this job offer came.

Present Experience – As I travelled to the states, I recalled that since becoming a Christian I have had an unquenchable fire to spread the Gospel and display the Lord’s power. I am presently in Rhode Island being trained by our Executive Director, Clint Brown. I recall feeling inadequate for the job, but God reminded me that it is His work and I am only a vessel. I whispered, “Use me Lord!”

So far, my limited exposure to our operations has left me with mixed feelings; more positives than negatives. I am in awe of the rich heritage of Seventh Day Baptists, and our genuine love for each other. Of our major attributes, I am now convinced that second to our firm doctrinal foundation, is our fellowship. I am however, saddened about the closure of churches across the Conference in the last two decades, as well as those on the path to being closed. (If a church is not growing, it will eventually DIE.)

Amidst the concerns, because God is able I just cannot stop singing… For you have placed your Holy Word within me, Your Book of truth is living in my heart, Written on each page from the beginning, There’s a call for me to play my part.”

Future Vision – In many countries of the world people are waiting to be ministered to and be saved. As the Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society repositions itself, once again, to answer this call, strength must come from our individual Seventh Day Baptist churches. We must pray and stand ready to respond to God’s instructions to address our own needs, including re-evangelizing, as we launch out and beyond.

What a vision! I am on this journey that started from birth and I have come too far to listen to my fears of the unknown, too far not to know that I can do all things through the Almighty. “Here I am and I long to do your will, Here I am I’ll follow you command, Here I am until my calling is fulfilled, Here I am, Here I am…”

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