Servants To The Corps

Servants To The Corps

by Katrina Goodrich

The SCSC/Stained Glass 2013 teams have been put together! Summer Christian Service Corps (SCSC) and Stained Glass are programs sponsored by the SDB Women’s Board dedicated to nurturing servant leadership in young adults and providing them with leadership training and a mission field (aka “project”) to practice in.

Students are required to complete assignments designed to help them drive deeper into their faith and understand the roles of leadership that Christ has in store for them. Through assignments and a week-long training just prior to project, students are challenged to expand their knowledge and equipped with tools to help them be servant leaders during the summer and in life after project.

Following training, students are sent out to projects all over the United States. They will be camp counselors, VBS workers, evangelists, musicians, participate in community service and church services, etc. The students’ last week of project will be served at General Conference where they will perform duties like helping the Host Committee to Children’s Conference. (*Reason no. 9 to attend Conference: Meet with SCSC/Stained Glass students and learn what God is doing through SDB young adults and the Women’s Board!)

The Women’s Board is pleased to announce that this year we have 14 SCSC and 6 Stained Glass students.

 (PD- Project Director, R- Rookie, V- Veteran)

Ashaway, RI              

Nadine Lawton, PD

Lindsay Crouch (V- Bay Area, CA) William Villalpando (R- Colton, CA)

Battle Creek, MI

Jan Noel, PD

Nathan Crowder (V- Boulder, CO) Jennifer Brown (R- Ashaway, RI)

Boulder, CO     

Sonja Looper, PD

Caleb Gammons (V-Texarkana, AR) Tacy Camenga (R- Milton, WI)

Colton, CA                                 

Chris Galarneau, PD

Daniel Lovelace (V- Metro Atlanta, GA) Karissa St. Clair (R- Milton, WI)

North Loup, NE                         

Katrina Goodrich, PD

Stephen Lawson (V- Colton, CA) Danielle Hazelton (V-New Auburn, WI)

Seattle, WA

Ruth Burdick, PD  

Lauren Telford (V-Texarkana, AR) Austin Lotts (R- New Auburn, WI)

Shiloh, NJ                                   

Jessica Chroniger and Carla Burlingame, PD’s

Logan LaGesse (V- New Auburn, WI) Rebekah Hargett (R-Metro Atlanta, GA)

Stained Glass                                            

PD’s TBA                              

Gabriela Alonzo- SDB Christian Church, VA;  Cheyane Blevins- Milton, WI;  Alexandra Rudawski- Milton, WI;  Aaron Andries- Washington, D.C.;  Lance Greene- Dodge Center, MN;  Tim Lawton- Ashaway, RI, sound.

Training Staff

Jane Mackintosh, Helen Goodrich, Andrew Camenga, Wayne North, Linda Lawton, Marian van Dalen-Anderson


In Ephesians 6:18-20, Paul exhorts us to pray for God’s people and pray for His ambassadors presenting the Gospel. With any endeavor people seek to make in the name of Jesus, there needs to be an abundance of prayer and petition on its behalf.

What the Women’s Board and summer students need from you is prayer. At its minimum, this will cost you a little bit of your prayer time. Ask God to bless all those involved with the program. Pray for protection and guidance. Pray early! Pray often! Pray every day! Pray for students, PD’s, training staff, and people they will come into contact with!

I’m challenging you to look at this as more than a mere news release, but a call to prayer and a prayer list.

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