7 Other Reasons to Follow HIS Footsteps to Colorado

7 Other Reasons to Follow HIS Footsteps to Colorado

Apr 23, 2013

7 Other Reasons to Follow HIS Footsteps to Colorado

by Dr. Ralph Mackintosh


Here are seven more compelling reasons you shouldn’t miss this year’s General Conference meetings in Colorado Springs.

Reason #4: While we listed in April’s Recorder three nationally known speakers, the list doesn’t stop there. Our keynote speakers will include contributions from Rev. Rob Watkins from Yucca Valley, California—a man of most unusual talents for the Lord (see Reason #7)—and a number of other talented and inspiring men of God, especially several of our own SDB pastors.

Reason #5: Seminars are being planned to emphasize teacher training, children’s work, creative ministries, missions, and evangelism. Experienced teachers, noted experts and seasoned trainers will share insights and practical techniques that you can use in your local church ministry.

Reason #6: Wednesday morning will see the inaugural GospelFeet 5k run/walk. This will be your chance to join the SDB Missionary Society in raising money for bicycles for the Congo churches by taking a little stroll in the morning. Attendees of all ages and abilities will enjoy the beautiful Colorado morning, getting in some exercise and making a difference in spreading the Gospel. Some many run, some may briskly walk and some may saunter (like me) but I expect to see a large contingent of SDBs at this fun event.

Reason #7: In something that we will be publicizing to the Colorado Springs and university community, we will hear the Gospel shared in very unusual ways. On Wednesday, a number of Christian performers will present an evening program like nothing ever seen at a General Conference. David and Teesha Laflin are full-time illusionists engaged in Christian ministry throughout the country. David Cain bills himself as a “Juggler for Jesus” and holds numerous professional awards, as well as being listed in the Guinness Book of Records for his juggling feats. Outstanding ventriloquist Rev. Rob Watkins is lauded in the secular entertainment world as well as in the Christian community for his extraordinary talents. Our hope is that it will be an evening of evangelism to the community as well as an entertaining and uplifting event.

Reason #8: About 20 years ago a vision was rekindled to again have an SDB singing group from among our many talented young people. For nine years Stained Glass crisscrossed the nation singing in churches, inspiring our youth and ministering to communities. Conference week will be a reuniting of many of the original Stained Glass members from those early years. On Friday evening we will hear from them again as they lead us in vespers and song. Don’t forget that the new Stained Glass will be with us too, sharing their musical talents during the week and in a Saturday night concert.

Reason #9: If you haven’t noticed by now, this year’s General Conference is located in a gorgeous setting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The words of Psalms 121:1 will greet you every day as you gaze at the majesty of His towering creations. Colorado Springs is a sought-after vacation spot with amazing recreational opportunities and interesting sites to be explored. The resort hotels book months in advance to this popular region, so a better option is to take advantage of the campus housing and meal plan.

Reason #10: I promise the week will have several additional surprises that have never happened at an SDB Conference before. We are continuing to add new twists to standard activities as well as dream up additional new touches that may never be repeated. Come be surprised, inspired, and taught! Sing with us, worship with us, and fellowship with us! See something new, learn something new, and be renewed.


I promised you 10 reasons to come to Conference and you’ve now seen them. However, I hope when you go home from Conference 2013 you will have your own list of highlights. Most of all, I hope you will have encountered God, experienced Him a little deeper and moved Forward in HIS Footsteps.

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