Time To Recommit

Time To Recommit

Mar 25, 2013

Time To Recommit

By Nathan Crowder


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I have had the craziest month. At times I’m so busy that I forget to eat, sleep and go to church.

I am in a show, Fiddler on the Roof, and it opened on the 28th of February. Rehearsal was every night for a month making me feel like a full-time student with two full-time jobs. As an RA in a first-year dorm I keep very busy. I take 18-22 credit hours a quarter, and I am involved in theater and a cappella groups.

Lately I have been wondering to myself: Where is God in all of this? I have been forgetting the reasons why God has put me here and given me these gifts. It is to serve Him and to give Him glory! I have been forgetting to give God the glory, even when it comes to my Summer Christian Service Corps (SCSC) assignments.

I feel like I could be doing so much better, but I have spread myself so thin that I don’t have time to give everything 100 percent. I am starting to realize that it’s really hard not seeing my family for so long, and it’s hard not being able to go to church because of school. Maybe I need to reevaluate things. Maybe I am in too much.

The amazing thing about all of this is that God is still blessing me and letting me thrive in my schooling and work—even though I have drifted from Him. It’s made me think about how much God has blessed me.

I think He is using this situation to “talk” to me a little bit. It has shown me how much I need Him and how important going to church and reading His Word is. Church just makes me feel better. It relieves my stress and I am with the people I love the most.

I was also reminded of the bond we have in our denomination. I realized the other day that I am closer to all the people I met in SCSC (who I only spend about four weeks a year with) than life-long friends. We are a family, in Christ. It is amazing the bond people can have from something like that.

I am truly blessed by God and I am so excited to be in SCSC again this summer. I hope this can be a recommitment for me. I need to be reminded just how important God is in my life and how He can use me to affect other lives.

SCSC is a powerful thing that continues to change my life every year I have done it. I pray that as this quarter comes to an end, I can make the conscious decision to re-evaluate my schedule and recommit to my faith.

God has done pretty amazing things in my life. I know if I reconnect with Him that all of my stress will be relieved and I will be happier. I am typically a happy person, but when I constantly put God in the equation—rather than off and on—I am like a different person and am truly happy. I am so blessed and amazed by God’s dedication to me and I pray that I see it all of the time, and not just when it is convenient. God is always looking out for me; it’s time I am always ready to have His back, too.

I am so glad that God has been working on me this past month and I’m excited to see what will happen here at school. I can’t wait to see exactly what God has in store for me. I am super excited for SCSC and trust everything will fall into place as He sees fit.

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