Women Revitalized!

Women Revitalized!

Jan 23, 2013

Women Revitalized!

by Nadine Lawton


One of the daily themes for Conference in 2012 was “Are you ready to revitalize?” This topic sparked the Women’s Interest Committee to discuss revitalization of our local women’s groups.

Not only do we want to encourage current and active members of these groups, but how do we get the “younger women” to join in? Discussion with women across the country revealed that one important factor keeping women from participation in local women’s groups is scheduling.

Women are busy. So how do we convince them to add another thing to their schedule?

One solution to scheduling issues would be to communicate outside of the meetings—what is going on, when it is going to happen, where help might be needed, and what might be the goal of this activity. People don’t attend if they don’t know what is going on.

Another possible solution to the scheduling difficulties is flexibility. Don’t hold on to the traditional meeting format! Your meetings don’t always have to be on the same day and the same time.

Nor do they have to be “all business.” If your bylaws state that the ladies aid will meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 1:00, the bylaws could be changed to say that the group meets once a month at the call of the Chairlady.

Perhaps your women’s group would prefer pursuing a specific interest. One church has a prayer quilt ministry. You could start your group as a service project ministry—volunteering at the local food bank, visiting nursing homes, a ministry with animals, or maybe your group wants to go deeper in a Bible study. Find others who are like-minded and work together.

Mentoring might be another activity for your women’s group. In Titus 2:3-5, we are told that older women should mentor the younger women. What skill do you have that a younger woman might be interested in learning? Is there something you could learn from that younger woman?

Don’t be opposed to learning from a younger generation. Perhaps they have a computer skill that you’d like to learn or with which they could help you. Or maybe their insight on a verse in Scripture can help us see the Lord in a new light. Be willing to listen even if you are the mentor.

Be intentional about taking an interest in a younger woman, checking to see how they are doing throughout the week. What’s causing them stress? How can you relieve some of that stress or show them a way to relieve it?

What have you learned about being a wife, mom, or the contentment of being single with the Lord by your side? Is there someone in your church, a younger woman or even a peer, that could use an accountability partner?

Try something new! Is there a coffee shop, tea house, or restaurant you could invite others to meet at for a time of fellowship? Perhaps you could choose a different restaurant each month that you’ve always wanted to try. Or make it the same place where you can sit in the corner, encourage and exhort one another in the Lord.

You could hold a mother-daughter banquet, bringing your biological or spiritual daughter, or even just a woman you want to get to know better. You might even want to plan a retreat for ladies in your church or Association.

Our busy schedules should not keep us from encouraging one another. Don’t let scheduling conflicts get in the way of fellowship with the other women in your church. Let’s continue encouraging and building one another up, so that no one feels left out of the family of God or the church family! Invite everyone and keep at it.

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