Seminarian Profile: Joshua W. Michaels

Seminarian Profile: Joshua W. Michaels

Jan 23, 2013







Seminarian Profile

Name: Joshua W. Michaels

Birthdate and place: June 29, 1983

Bennington, VT



I have wonderful parents who have been married for over 50 years. My parents have 13 children, of which I am the youngest—just after my twin brother, Jonathan. I grew up as an uncle with now over 30 nephews and nieces; some of these nephews and nieces have children of their own now.



Berlin (NY) High School 2001

Houghton (NY) College 2005

Currently at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Hamilton, MA

I expect to graduate in August 2013.


Ministry Experience:

Associate Pastor—Berlin SDB Church

Camp Director for five years

SCSC for two years


Non-ministry experience:

In a retail setting for five years, two of them as a manager. I have detailed cars and cooked in a kitchen. I currently substitute teach at a local school to supplement my income and have more face time with the community youth.


Favorite Bible passage:

Galatians 2:20, a reminder that the life I am to live was bought with a price; it is no longer my life but Christ’s, who gives meaning and purpose to my existence.


Favorite author:

Just one? I really enjoy reading Ravi Zacharias, John Piper, and John Jefferson Davis.


If given a $10,000 check:

I should say that I would pay on student loans. If I wanted to do something other than that, I could pay for a place to live in a new area to aid in planting a church, or buy a new guitar and share the rest with others who wanted something. Some might say that I could use $10,000 to buy presents for my nieces and nephews for a year.


A great answer to prayer was:

When I got my acceptance letter to Gordon-Conwell Seminary. I have been greatly blessed by the tutelage of my professors and support from fellow students.


A project I’m excited about:

New church plant opportunities and ministries that are coming over the horizon.


My vision for SDBs:

I would like to see a Seventh Day Baptist church in every major city with a plan to plant in surrounding communities.


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