This “Observer” Tunes in to Triumph

This “observer” tunes in to Triumph

by Owen Probasco

SDB Conference 1997 – “Tuned In—Turned On—and Triumphant”

Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas


As I considered a Conference theme, I kept thinking of the three crosses on Calvary! One “thief” was tuned in. (He couldn’t help being so—he was there.) The second “victim” was turned on by Christ’s innocence. And then Christ was triumphant!

Also, the three “T’s” of Tuned In—Turned On—and Triumphant represented the three crosses.

During the year before my Conference week, I didn’t feel as though there was much direction from “headquarters” when it came to me visiting the churches. I didn’t visit too many since I wasn’t sure if I should contact them or they should invite me.

I think that the Center could be more helpful in that way. Everything went well (or at least okay) but church visitation is vital and should be approached more vigorously.

Certainly a positive memory is how I was humbled and enriched by the support of my home church in Shiloh, New Jersey. I believe we had the most members in attendance at that Conference up to that time.

My own family gave great help and support in my presidential duties. Our kids seemed to enjoy having a little fun at my expense during the opening session! (Don’t know where they get their ideas.) Seriously, it did bring SDBs and their concerns closer to my heart.

Obviously my wife was supportive and a continued blessing through it all. I truly felt God’s presence throughout.

As far as how my perspective was affected, I had attended Conference for many years, served on the General Council, chaired committees, etc., but always felt more like an observer than a participant. That changed! Maybe I came in as a Seventh Day Baptist, but I became a dyed-in-the-wool SDBer! God is my pilot—not my co-pilot.

When I passed the gavel on to the next President, I felt humbled but GREAT; sort of a sigh of relief.

Looking ahead, I think many of our new (or old) small groups struggle so much financially that sometimes their energy, worries and dedication have to go to the “building” support rather than the spiritual building support. They need assistance from our “Conference,” but I understand how, financially, that’s hard to come by.

Maybe visitation and other uplifting actions can help? I feel strongly that Seventh Day Baptists are among God’s “atta-boys.”



Editor’s note: The Coordinating Leadership Team is revising and updating a traveling “Invitation to Conversation” program for our churches. We are drafting some specific discussion questions and then will have a listening ear (or two) from the Conference visit the church. Give us a call at 608-752-5055 to see how the program is progressing and perhaps we can get you on the schedule.

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