The Gospel is our Foundation

The Gospel is our Foundation

by Jim Skaggs

SDB Conference 1993 – “A Firm Foundation”

University of Redlands, Redlands, Calif.


One of my favorite hymns inspired my Conference theme: “How Firm a Foundation.” The first verse begins “How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word!” All of the sermons, Bible studies, and seminars were intended to emphasize the importance of lives solidly founded on faith in God.

As a public school teacher my opportunities to travel around the country to meet with SDBs were limited. I tried to compensate by sending the churches a video presentation about the Conference and its theme.

One of my biggest joys during the Conference week was that the sermons, Bible studies, and seminars, were all solid, with good teaching—grounded in Scripture. I was also glad that my parents and extended family (uncles, aunts, cousins) were very supportive during my term.

In addition to the responsibility of serving on General Council during the year, preparation for the week of General Conference involves many decisions and a lot of time and energy. As the week itself progresses, you hope everything will go well. While most of it did, there were glitches that had to be handled. It was a relief when it was over.

My ongoing prayer for Seventh Day Baptists is that, most importantly, our part of Christ’s Church will effectively witness to the Gospel.

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